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// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.


#include <string>
#include <vector>

#include "build/build_config.h"

#include "base/stl_util-inl.h"
#include "chrome/browser/password_manager/password_store.h"
#include "webkit/glue/password_form.h"

class PasswordManager;
class Profile;

// Per-password-form-{on-page, dialog} class responsible for interactions
// between a given form, the per-tab PasswordManager, and the PasswordStore.
class PasswordFormManager : public PasswordStoreConsumer {
  // profile contains the link to the PasswordStore and whether we're off
  //           the record
  // password_manager owns this object
  // form_on_page is the form that may be submitted and could need login data.
  // ssl_valid represents the security of the page containing observed_form,
  //           used to filter login results from database.
  PasswordFormManager(Profile* profile,
                      PasswordManager* password_manager,
                      const webkit_glue::PasswordForm& observed_form,
                      bool ssl_valid);
  virtual ~PasswordFormManager();

  // Compare basic data of observed_form_ with argument.
  bool DoesManage(const webkit_glue::PasswordForm& form) const;

  // Retrieves potential matching logins from the database.
  void FetchMatchingLoginsFromPasswordStore();

  // Simple state-check to verify whether this object as received a callback
  // from the PasswordStore and completed its matching phase. Note that the
  // callback in question occurs on the same (and only) main thread from which
  // instances of this class are ever used, but it is required since it is
  // conceivable that a user (or ui test) could attempt to submit a login
  // prompt before the callback has occured, which would InvokeLater a call to
  // PasswordManager::ProvisionallySave, which would interact with this object
  // before the db has had time to answer with matching password entries.
  // This is intended to be a one-time check; if the return value is false the
  // expectation is caller will give up. This clearly won't work if you put it
  // in a loop and wait for matching to complete; you're (supposed to be) on
  // the same thread!
  bool HasCompletedMatching();

  // Determines if the user opted to 'never remember' passwords for this form.
  bool IsBlacklisted();

  // Used by PasswordManager to determine whether or not to display
  // a SavePasswordBar when given the green light to save the PasswordForm
  // managed by this.
  bool IsNewLogin();

  // Checks if the form is a valid password form. Forms which lack either
  // login or password field are not considered valid.
  bool HasValidPasswordForm();

  // Determines if we need to autofill given the results of the query.
  void OnRequestDone(
      int handle, const std::vector<webkit_glue::PasswordForm*>& result);

  // PasswordStoreConsumer implementation.
  virtual void OnPasswordStoreRequestDone(
      int handle, const std::vector<webkit_glue::PasswordForm*>& result);

  // A user opted to 'never remember' passwords for this form.
  // Blacklist it so that from now on when it is seen we ignore it.
  void PermanentlyBlacklist();

  // If the user has submitted observed_form_, provisionally hold on to
  // the submitted credentials until we are told by PasswordManager whether
  // or not the login was successful.
  void ProvisionallySave(const webkit_glue::PasswordForm& credentials);

  // Handles save-as-new or update of the form managed by this manager.
  // Note the basic data of updated_credentials must match that of
  // observed_form_ (e.g DoesManage(pending_credentials_) == true).
  void Save();

  // Call these if/when we know the form submission worked or failed.
  // These routines are used to update internal statistics ("ActionsTaken").
  void SubmitPassed();
  void SubmitFailed();

  friend class PasswordFormManagerTest;

  // ManagerAction - What does the manager do with this form? Either it
  // fills it, or it doesn't. If it doesn't fill it, that's either
  // because it has no match, or it is blacklisted, or it is disabled
  // via the AUTOCOMPLETE=off attribute. Note that if we don't have
  // an exact match, we still provide candidates that the user may
  // end up choosing.
  enum ManagerAction {
    kManagerActionNone = 0,

  // UserAction - What does the user do with this form? If he or she
  // does nothing (either by accepting what the password manager did, or
  // by simply (not typing anything at all), you get None. If there were
  // multiple choices and the user selects one other than the default,
  // you get Choose, and if the user types in a new value, you get
  // Override.
  enum UserAction {
    kUserActionNone = 0,

  // Result - What happens to the form?
  enum SubmitResult {
    kSubmitResultNotSubmitted = 0,

  // The maximum number of combinations of the three preceding enums.
  // This is used when recording the actions taken by the form in UMA.
  static const int kMaxNumActionsTaken = kManagerActionMax * kUserActionMax *

  // Called by destructor to ensure if this object is deleted, no potential
  // outstanding callbacks can call OnPasswordStoreRequestDone.
  void CancelLoginsQuery();

  // Helper for OnPasswordStoreRequestDone to determine whether or not
  // the given result form is worth scoring.
  bool IgnoreResult(const webkit_glue::PasswordForm& form) const;

  // Helper for Save in the case that best_matches.size() == 0, meaning
  // we have no prior record of this form/username/password and the user
  // has opted to 'Save Password'. If |reset_preferred_login| is set,
  // the previously preferred login from |best_matches_| will be reset.
  void SaveAsNewLogin(bool reset_preferred_login);

  // Helper for OnPasswordStoreRequestDone to score an individual result
  // against the observed_form_.
  int ScoreResult(const webkit_glue::PasswordForm& form) const;

  // Helper for Save in the case that best_matches.size() > 0, meaning
  // we have at least one match for this form/username/password. This
  // Updates the form managed by this object, as well as any matching forms
  // that now need to have preferred bit changed, since updated_credentials
  // is now implicitly 'preferred'.
  void UpdateLogin();

  // Update all login matches to reflect new preferred state - preferred flag
  // will be reset on all matched logins that different than the current
  // |pending_credentials_|.
  void UpdatePreferredLoginState(PasswordStore* password_store);

  // Converts the "ActionsTaken" fields into an int so they can be logged to
  // UMA.
  int GetActionsTaken();

  // Set of PasswordForms from the DB that best match the form
  // being managed by this. Use a map instead of vector, because we most
  // frequently require lookups by username value in IsNewLogin.
  webkit_glue::PasswordFormMap best_matches_;

  // Cleans up when best_matches_ goes out of scope.
  STLValueDeleter<webkit_glue::PasswordFormMap> best_matches_deleter_;

  // The PasswordForm from the page or dialog managed by this.
  webkit_glue::PasswordForm observed_form_;

  // The origin url path of observed_form_ tokenized, for convenience when
  // scoring.
  std::vector<std::string> form_path_tokens_;

  // Stores updated credentials when the form was submitted but success is
  // still unknown.
  webkit_glue::PasswordForm pending_credentials_;

  // Whether pending_credentials_ stores a new login or is an update
  // to an existing one.
  bool is_new_login_;

  // PasswordManager owning this.
  const PasswordManager* const password_manager_;

  // Handle to any pending PasswordStore::GetLogins query.
  int pending_login_query_;

  // Convenience pointer to entry in best_matches_ that is marked
  // as preferred. This is only allowed to be null if there are no best matches
  // at all, since there will always be one preferred login when there are
  // multiple matches (when first saved, a login is marked preferred).
  const webkit_glue::PasswordForm* preferred_match_;

  typedef enum {
    PRE_MATCHING_PHASE,      // Have not yet invoked a GetLogins query to find
                             // matching login information from password store.
    MATCHING_PHASE,          // We've made a GetLogins request, but
                             // haven't received or finished processing result.
    POST_MATCHING_PHASE      // We've queried the DB and processed matching
                             // login results.
  } PasswordFormManagerState;

  // State of matching process, used to verify that we don't call methods
  // assuming we've already processed the request for matching logins,
  // when we actually haven't.
  PasswordFormManagerState state_;

  // The profile from which we get the PasswordStore.
  Profile* profile_;

  // These three fields record the "ActionsTaken" by the browser and
  // the user with this form, and the result. They are combined and
  // recorded in UMA when the manager is destroyed.
  ManagerAction manager_action_;
  UserAction user_action_;
  SubmitResult submit_result_;


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