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Native Client API Reference Documentation


This reference documentation describes the APIs that untrusted Native Client (NaCl) modules can use. For additional documentation and information about Native Client, see the README.

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toolchain file locations

The Native Client toolchain is under src/third_party/nacl_sdk/platform/sdk/nacl-sdk, where platform is linux, mac, or windows. The toolchain doesn't depend on the rest of the Native Client build; you can copy the nacl-sdk directory anywhere you like, as long as you avoid spaces in the pathname.

The following table shows where you can find some commonly used files in the toolchain.

File locations in the toolchain
Type of file Location Typical file Example of use
Include nacl/include/ nacl/include/nacl/nacl_av.h In code:
  #include <nacl/nacl_av.h>
Library nacl/lib/ nacl/lib/libav.a When compiling:
  ... -lav ...
Tool bin/ bin/nacl-g++ At the command line:
  sdk_dir/bin/nacl-g++ *.cc ...

API categories

The Native Client APIs fall into three general categories:

Note: You can't use SRPC and NPAPI together; pick one.

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