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// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.


#include <string>

// An interface that defines the callbacks for objects that
// GaiaAuthenticator2 can return data to.
class GaiaAuthConsumer {
  struct ClientLoginResult {
    inline ClientLoginResult() {}
    inline ClientLoginResult(const std::string& new_sid,
                             const std::string& new_lsid,
                             const std::string& new_token,
                             const std::string& new_data)
        : sid(new_sid),
          data(new_data) {}

    inline bool operator==(const ClientLoginResult &b) const {
      return sid == b.sid &&
             lsid == b.lsid &&
             token == b.token &&
             data == b.data;

    std::string sid;
    std::string lsid;
    std::string token;
    // TODO(chron): Remove the data field later. Don't use it if possible.
    std::string data;  // Full contents of ClientLogin return.

  enum GaiaAuthErrorCode {
    TWO_FACTOR,  // Callers can treat this as a success.

  struct GaiaAuthError {
    inline bool operator==(const GaiaAuthError &b) const {
      if (code != b.code) {
        return false;
      if (code == NETWORK_ERROR) {
        return network_error == b.network_error;
      return true;

    GaiaAuthErrorCode code;
    int network_error;  // This field is only valid if NETWORK_ERROR occured.
    std::string data;  // TODO(chron): Remove this field. Should preparse data.

  virtual ~GaiaAuthConsumer() {}

  virtual void OnClientLoginSuccess(const ClientLoginResult& result) {}
  virtual void OnClientLoginFailure(const GaiaAuthError& error) {}

  virtual void OnIssueAuthTokenSuccess(const std::string& service,
                                       const std::string& auth_token) {}
  virtual void OnIssueAuthTokenFailure(const std::string& service,
                                       const GaiaAuthError& error) {}


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