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// Copyright (c) 2009 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.

#include "chrome/browser/extensions/extension_bookmarks_module_constants.h"

namespace extension_bookmarks_module_constants {

const wchar_t kIdKey[] = L"id";
const wchar_t kIndexKey[] = L"index";
const wchar_t kParentIdKey[] = L"parentId";
const wchar_t kOldIndexKey[] = L"oldIndex";
const wchar_t kOldParentIdKey[] = L"oldParentId";
const wchar_t kUrlKey[] = L"url";
const wchar_t kTitleKey[] = L"title";
const wchar_t kChildrenKey[] = L"children";
const wchar_t kChildIdsKey[] = L"childIds";
const wchar_t kRecursiveKey[] = L"recursive";
const wchar_t kDateAddedKey[] = L"dateAdded";
const wchar_t kDateGroupModifiedKey[] = L"dateGroupModified";
// TODO(arv): Move bookmark manager related constants out of this file.
const wchar_t kSameProfileKey[] = L"sameProfile";
const wchar_t kElementsKey[] = L"elements";

const char kNoNodeError[] = "Can't find bookmark for id.";
const char kNoParentError[] = "Can't find parent bookmark for id.";
const char kFolderNotEmptyError[] =
    "Can't remove non-empty folder (use recursive to force).";
const char kInvalidIdError[] = "Bookmark id is invalid.";
const char kInvalidIndexError[] = "Index out of bounds.";
const char kInvalidUrlError[] = "Invalid URL.";
const char kModifySpecialError[] = "Can't modify the root bookmark folders.";

const char kOnBookmarkCreated[] = "bookmarks.onCreated";
const char kOnBookmarkRemoved[] = "bookmarks.onRemoved";
const char kOnBookmarkChanged[] = "bookmarks.onChanged";
const char kOnBookmarkMoved[] = "bookmarks.onMoved";
const char kOnBookmarkChildrenReordered[] = "bookmarks.onChildrenReordered";
const char kOnBookmarkImportBegan[] = "bookmarks.onImportBegan";
const char kOnBookmarkImportEnded[] = "bookmarks.onImportEnded";
// TODO(arv): Move bookmark manager related constants out of this file.
const char kOnBookmarkDragEnter[] =
const char kOnBookmarkDragLeave[] =
const char kOnBookmarkDrop[] =
}  // namespace extension_bookmarks_module_constants

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