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// Copyright (c) 2009 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.


#include "views/widget/root_view.h"

class BrowserView;
class OSExchangeData;
class BaseTabStrip;

// RootView implementation used by BrowserFrame. This forwards drop events to
// the TabStrip. Visually the tabstrip extends to the top of the frame, but in
// actually it doesn't. The tabstrip is only as high as a tab. To enable
// dropping above the tabstrip BrowserRootView forwards drop events to the
// TabStrip.
class BrowserRootView : public views::RootView {
  // You must call set_tabstrip before this class will accept drops.
  BrowserRootView(BrowserView* browser_view, views::Widget* widget);

  virtual bool GetDropFormats(
      int* formats,
      std::set<OSExchangeData::CustomFormat>* custom_formats);
  virtual bool AreDropTypesRequired();
  virtual bool CanDrop(const OSExchangeData& data);
  virtual void OnDragEntered(const views::DropTargetEvent& event);
  virtual int OnDragUpdated(const views::DropTargetEvent& event);
  virtual void OnDragExited();
  virtual int OnPerformDrop(const views::DropTargetEvent& event);

  // Returns true if the event should be forwarded to the tabstrip.
  bool ShouldForwardToTabStrip(const views::DropTargetEvent& event);

  // Converts the event from the hosts coordinate system to the tabstrips
  // coordinate system.
  views::DropTargetEvent* MapEventToTabStrip(
      const views::DropTargetEvent& event,
      const OSExchangeData& data);

  inline BaseTabStrip* tabstrip() const;

  // Returns true if |data| has string contents and the user can "paste and go".
  // If |url| is non-NULL and the user can "paste and go", |url| is set to the
  // desired destination.
  bool GetPasteAndGoURL(const OSExchangeData& data, GURL* url);

  // The BrowserView.
  BrowserView* browser_view_;

  // If true, drag and drop events are being forwarded to the tab strip.
  // This is used to determine when to send OnDragEntered and OnDragExited
  // to the tab strip.
  bool forwarding_to_tab_strip_;



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