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// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.


#include <gtk/gtk.h>

#include <algorithm>
#include <string>

#include "app/gtk_signal.h"
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "base/string_util.h"
#include "chrome/browser/autocomplete/autocomplete_edit_view.h"
#include "chrome/browser/toolbar_model.h"
#include "chrome/common/notification_observer.h"
#include "chrome/common/notification_registrar.h"
#include "chrome/common/owned_widget_gtk.h"
#include "chrome/common/page_transition_types.h"
#include "gfx/rect.h"
#include "webkit/glue/window_open_disposition.h"

class AutocompleteEditController;
class AutocompleteEditModel;
class AutocompletePopupView;
class Profile;
class TabContents;
namespace views {
class View;

#if !defined(TOOLKIT_VIEWS)
class GtkThemeProvider;

class AutocompleteEditViewGtk : public AutocompleteEditView,
                                public NotificationObserver {
  // Modeled like the Windows CHARRANGE.  Represent a pair of cursor position
  // offsets.  Since GtkTextIters are invalid after the buffer is changed, we
  // work in character offsets (not bytes).
  struct CharRange {
    CharRange() : cp_min(0), cp_max(0) { }
    CharRange(int n, int x) : cp_min(n), cp_max(x) { }

    // Returns the start of the selection.
    int selection_min() const { return std::min(cp_min, cp_max); }

    // Work in integers to match the gint GTK APIs.
    int cp_min;  // For a selection: Represents the start.
    int cp_max;  // For a selection: Represents the end (insert position).

  AutocompleteEditViewGtk(AutocompleteEditController* controller,
                          ToolbarModel* toolbar_model,
                          Profile* profile,
                          CommandUpdater* command_updater,
                          bool popup_window_mode,
#if defined(TOOLKIT_VIEWS)
                          const views::View* location_bar);
                          GtkWidget* location_bar);

  // Initialize, create the underlying widgets, etc.
  void Init();

  // Returns the width, in pixels, needed to display the current text. The
  // returned value includes margins and borders.
  int TextWidth();

  // Implement the AutocompleteEditView interface.
  virtual AutocompleteEditModel* model() { return model_.get(); }
  virtual const AutocompleteEditModel* model() const { return model_.get(); }

  virtual void SaveStateToTab(TabContents* tab);

  virtual void Update(const TabContents* tab_for_state_restoring);

  virtual void OpenURL(const GURL& url,
                       WindowOpenDisposition disposition,
                       PageTransition::Type transition,
                       const GURL& alternate_nav_url,
                       size_t selected_line,
                       const std::wstring& keyword);

  virtual std::wstring GetText() const;

  virtual bool IsEditingOrEmpty() const;
  virtual int GetIcon() const;

  virtual void SetUserText(const std::wstring& text) {
    SetUserText(text, text, true);
  virtual void SetUserText(const std::wstring& text,
                           const std::wstring& display_text,
                           bool update_popup);

  virtual void SetWindowTextAndCaretPos(const std::wstring& text,
                                        size_t caret_pos);

  virtual void SetForcedQuery();

  virtual bool IsSelectAll();
  virtual void SelectAll(bool reversed);
  virtual void RevertAll();

  virtual void UpdatePopup();
  virtual void ClosePopup();

  virtual void SetFocus();

  virtual void OnTemporaryTextMaybeChanged(const std::wstring& display_text,
                                           bool save_original_selection);
  virtual bool OnInlineAutocompleteTextMaybeChanged(
      const std::wstring& display_text, size_t user_text_length);
  virtual void OnRevertTemporaryText();
  virtual void OnBeforePossibleChange();
  virtual bool OnAfterPossibleChange();
  virtual gfx::NativeView GetNativeView() const;
  virtual CommandUpdater* GetCommandUpdater();

  // Overridden from NotificationObserver:
  virtual void Observe(NotificationType type,
                       const NotificationSource& source,
                       const NotificationDetails& details);

  void SetBaseColor();

  // Used by LocationBarViewGtk to inform AutocompleteEditViewGtk if the tab to
  // search should be enabled or not. See the comment of |enable_tab_to_search_|
  // for details.
  void set_enable_tab_to_search(bool enable) {
    enable_tab_to_search_ = enable;

  GtkWidget* text_view() {
    return text_view_;

  CHROMEG_CALLBACK_0(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandleBeginUserAction,
  CHROMEG_CALLBACK_0(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandleEndUserAction,
  CHROMEG_CALLBACK_2(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandleMarkSet,
                     GtkTextBuffer*, GtkTextIter*, GtkTextMark*);
  // As above, but called after the default handler.
  CHROMEG_CALLBACK_2(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandleMarkSetAfter,
                     GtkTextBuffer*, GtkTextIter*, GtkTextMark*);
  CHROMEG_CALLBACK_3(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandleInsertText,
                     GtkTextBuffer*, GtkTextIter*, const gchar*, gint);
  CHROMEG_CALLBACK_0(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void,
                     HandleKeymapDirectionChanged, GdkKeymap*);

  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_1(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, gboolean, HandleKeyPress,
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_1(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, gboolean, HandleKeyRelease,
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_1(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, gboolean, HandleViewButtonPress,
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_1(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, gboolean,
                       HandleViewButtonRelease, GdkEventButton*);
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_1(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, gboolean, HandleViewFocusIn,
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_1(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, gboolean, HandleViewFocusOut,
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_1(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandleViewMoveFocus,
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_3(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandleViewMoveCursor,
                       GtkMovementStep, gint, gboolean);
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_1(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandleViewSizeRequest,
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_1(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandlePopulatePopup,
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_0(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandleEditSearchEngines);
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_0(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandlePasteAndGo);
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_6(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandleDragDataReceived,
                       GdkDragContext*, gint, gint, GtkSelectionData*,
                       guint, guint);
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_0(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandleBackSpace);
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_0(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandleCopyClipboard);
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_0(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandleCutClipboard);
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_0(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void, HandlePasteClipboard);
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_1(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, gboolean, HandleExposeEvent,
  CHROMEGTK_CALLBACK_1(AutocompleteEditViewGtk, void,
                       HandleWidgetDirectionChanged, GtkTextDirection);

  // Callback for the PRIMARY selection clipboard.
  static void ClipboardGetSelectionThunk(GtkClipboard* clipboard,
                                         GtkSelectionData* selection_data,
                                         guint info,
                                         gpointer object);
  void ClipboardGetSelection(GtkClipboard* clipboard,
                             GtkSelectionData* selection_data,
                             guint info);

  void HandleCopyOrCutClipboard(bool copy);

  // Take control of the PRIMARY selection clipboard with |text|. Use
  // |text_buffer_| as the owner, so that this doesn't remove the selection on
  // it. This makes use of the above callbacks.
  void OwnPrimarySelection(const std::string& text);

  // Gets the GTK_TEXT_WINDOW_WIDGET coordinates for |text_view_| that bound the
  // given iters.
  gfx::Rect WindowBoundsFromIters(GtkTextIter* iter1, GtkTextIter* iter2);

  // Actual implementation of SelectAll(), but also provides control over
  // whether the PRIMARY selection is set to the selected text (in SelectAll(),
  // it isn't, but we want set the selection when the user clicks in the entry).
  void SelectAllInternal(bool reversed, bool update_primary_selection);

  // Get ready to update |text_buffer_|'s highlighting without making changes to
  // the PRIMARY selection.  Removes the clipboard from |text_buffer_| and
  // blocks the "mark-set" signal handler.
  void StartUpdatingHighlightedText();

  // Finish updating |text_buffer_|'s highlighting such that future changes will
  // automatically update the PRIMARY selection.  Undoes
  // StartUpdatingHighlightedText()'s changes.
  void FinishUpdatingHighlightedText();

  // Get the character indices of the current selection.  This honors
  // direction, cp_max is the insertion point, and cp_min is the bound.
  CharRange GetSelection();

  // Translate from character positions to iterators for the current buffer.
  void ItersFromCharRange(const CharRange& range,
                          GtkTextIter* iter_min,
                          GtkTextIter* iter_max);

  // Return the number of characers in the current buffer.
  int GetTextLength();

  // Try to parse the current text as a URL and colorize the components.
  void EmphasizeURLComponents();

  // Internally invoked whenever the text changes in some way.
  void TextChanged();

  // Save |selected_text| as the PRIMARY X selection. Unlike
  // OwnPrimarySelection(), this won't set an owner or use callbacks.
  void SavePrimarySelection(const std::string& selected_text);

  // Update the field with |text| and set the selection.
  void SetTextAndSelectedRange(const std::wstring& text,
                               const CharRange& range);

  // Set the selection to |range|.
  void SetSelectedRange(const CharRange& range);

  // Adjust the text justification according to the text direction of the widget
  // and |text_buffer_|'s content, to make sure the real text justification is
  // always in sync with the UI language direction.
  void AdjustTextJustification();

  // Get the text direction of |text_buffer_|'s content, by searching the first
  // character that has a strong direction.
  PangoDirection GetContentDirection();

  // Returns the selected text.
  std::string GetSelectedText() const;

  // If the selected text parses as a URL OwnPrimarySelection is invoked.
  void UpdatePrimarySelectionIfValidURL();

  // The widget we expose, used for vertically centering the real text edit,
  // since the height will change based on the font / font size, etc.
  OwnedWidgetGtk alignment_;

  // The actual text entry which will be owned by the alignment_.
  GtkWidget* text_view_;

  GtkTextTagTable* tag_table_;
  GtkTextBuffer* text_buffer_;
  GtkTextTag* faded_text_tag_;
  GtkTextTag* secure_scheme_tag_;
  GtkTextTag* security_error_scheme_tag_;
  GtkTextTag* normal_text_tag_;

  scoped_ptr<AutocompleteEditModel> model_;
  scoped_ptr<AutocompletePopupView> popup_view_;
  AutocompleteEditController* controller_;
  ToolbarModel* toolbar_model_;

  // The object that handles additional command functionality exposed on the
  // edit, such as invoking the keyword editor.
  CommandUpdater* command_updater_;

  // When true, the location bar view is read only and also is has a slightly
  // different presentation (smaller font size). This is used for popups.
  bool popup_window_mode_;

  ToolbarModel::SecurityLevel security_level_;

  // Selection at the point where the user started using the
  // arrows to move around in the popup.
  CharRange saved_temporary_selection_;

  // Tracking state before and after a possible change.
  std::wstring text_before_change_;
  CharRange sel_before_change_;

  // The most-recently-selected text from the entry that was copied to the
  // clipboard.  This is updated on-the-fly as the user selects text. This may
  // differ from the actual selected text, such as when 'http://' is prefixed to
  // the text.  It is used in cases where we need to make the PRIMARY selection
  // persist even after the user has unhighlighted the text in the view
  // (e.g. when they highlight some text and then click to unhighlight it, we
  // pass this string to SavePrimarySelection()).
  std::string selected_text_;

  // When we own the X clipboard, this is the text for it.
  std::string primary_selection_text_;

  // IDs of the signal handlers for "mark-set" on |text_buffer_|.
  gulong mark_set_handler_id_;
  gulong mark_set_handler_id2_;

#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
  // The following variables are used to implement select-all-on-mouse-up, which
  // is disabled in the standard Linux build due to poor interaction with the
  // PRIMARY X selection.

  // Is the first mouse button currently down?  When selection marks get moved,
  // we use this to determine if the user was highlighting text with the mouse
  // -- if so, we avoid selecting all the text on mouse-up.
  bool button_1_pressed_;

  // Did the user change the selected text in the middle of the current click?
  // If so, we don't select all of the text when the button is released -- we
  // don't want to blow away their selection.
  bool text_selected_during_click_;

  // Was the text view already focused before the user clicked in it?  We use
  // this to figure out whether we should select all of the text when the button
  // is released (we only do so if the view was initially unfocused).
  bool text_view_focused_before_button_press_;

#if !defined(TOOLKIT_VIEWS)
  // Supplies colors, et cetera.
  GtkThemeProvider* theme_provider_;

  NotificationRegistrar registrar_;

  // Indicates if Enter key was pressed.
  // It's used in the key press handler to detect an Enter key press event
  // during sync dispatch of "end-user-action" signal so that an unexpected
  // change caused by the event can be ignored in OnAfterPossibleChange().
  bool enter_was_pressed_;

  // Indicates if Tab key was pressed.
  // It's only used in the key press handler to detect a Tab key press event
  // during sync dispatch of "move-focus" signal.
  bool tab_was_pressed_;

  // Indicates that user requested to paste clipboard.
  // The actual paste clipboard action might be performed later if the
  // clipboard is not empty.
  bool paste_clipboard_requested_;

  // Indicates if an Enter key press is inserted as text.
  // It's used in the key press handler to determine if an Enter key event is
  // handled by IME or not.
  bool enter_was_inserted_;

  // Indicates whether the IME changed the text.  It's possible for the IME to
  // handle a key event but not change the text contents (e.g., when pressing
  // shift+del with no selection).
  bool text_changed_;

  // Contains the character range that should have a strikethrough (used for
  // insecure schemes). If the range is size one or less, no strikethrough
  // is needed.
  CharRange strikethrough_;

  // Indicate if the tab to search should be enabled or not. It's true by
  // default and will only be set to false if the location bar view is not able
  // to show the tab to search hint.
  bool enable_tab_to_search_;



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