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// Copyright (c) 2009 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.

// C++ controller for the bookmark menu; one per AppController (which
// means there is only one).  When bookmarks are changed, this class
// takes care of updating Cocoa bookmark menus.  This is not named
// BookmarkMenuController to help avoid confusion between languages.
// This class needs to be C++, not ObjC, since it derives from
// BookmarkModelObserver.
// Most Chromium Cocoa menu items are static from a nib (e.g. New
// Tab), but may be enabled/disabled under certain circumstances
// (e.g. Cut and Paste).  In addition, most Cocoa menu items have
// firstResponder: as a target.  Unusually, bookmark menu items are
// created dynamically.  They also have a target of
// BookmarkMenuCocoaController instead of firstResponder.
// See BookmarkMenuBridge::AddNodeToMenu()).


#include <map>
#include "base/scoped_nsobject.h"
#include "chrome/browser/bookmarks/bookmark_model_observer.h"

class BookmarkNode;
class Profile;
@class NSImage;
@class NSMenu;
@class NSMenuItem;
@class BookmarkMenuCocoaController;

class BookmarkMenuBridge : public BookmarkModelObserver {
  BookmarkMenuBridge(Profile* profile);
  virtual ~BookmarkMenuBridge();

  // Overridden from BookmarkModelObserver
  virtual void Loaded(BookmarkModel* model);
  virtual void BookmarkModelBeingDeleted(BookmarkModel* model);
  virtual void BookmarkNodeMoved(BookmarkModel* model,
                                 const BookmarkNode* old_parent,
                                 int old_index,
                                 const BookmarkNode* new_parent,
                                 int new_index);
  virtual void BookmarkNodeAdded(BookmarkModel* model,
                                 const BookmarkNode* parent,
                                 int index);
  virtual void BookmarkNodeRemoved(BookmarkModel* model,
                                   const BookmarkNode* parent,
                                   int old_index,
                                   const BookmarkNode* node);
  virtual void BookmarkNodeChanged(BookmarkModel* model,
                                   const BookmarkNode* node);
  virtual void BookmarkNodeFavIconLoaded(BookmarkModel* model,
                                         const BookmarkNode* node);
  virtual void BookmarkNodeChildrenReordered(BookmarkModel* model,
                                             const BookmarkNode* node);

  // Rebuilds the bookmark menu, if it has been marked invalid.
  void UpdateMenu(NSMenu* bookmark_menu);

  // I wish I had a "friend @class" construct.
  BookmarkModel* GetBookmarkModel();
  Profile* GetProfile();

  // Clear all bookmarks from the given bookmark menu.
  void ClearBookmarkMenu(NSMenu* menu);

  // Mark the bookmark menu as being invalid.
  void InvalidateMenu()  { menuIsValid_ = false; }

  // Helper for adding the node as a submenu to the menu with the
  // given title.
  void AddNodeAsSubmenu(NSMenu* menu,
                        const BookmarkNode* node,
                        NSString* title);

  // Helper for recursively adding items to our bookmark menu
  // All children of |node| will be added to |menu|.
  // TODO(jrg): add a counter to enforce maximum nodes added
  void AddNodeToMenu(const BookmarkNode* node, NSMenu* menu);

  // This configures an NSMenuItem with all the data from a BookmarkNode. This
  // is used to update existing menu items, as well as to configure newly
  // created ones, like in AddNodeToMenu().
  // |set_title| is optional since it is only needed when we get a
  // node changed notification.  On initial build of the menu we set
  // the title as part of alloc/init.
  void ConfigureMenuItem(const BookmarkNode* node, NSMenuItem* item,
                         bool set_title);

  // Returns the NSMenuItem for a given BookmarkNode.
  NSMenuItem* MenuItemForNode(const BookmarkNode* node);

  // Return the Bookmark menu.
  virtual NSMenu* BookmarkMenu();

  // Start watching the bookmarks for changes.
  void ObserveBookmarkModel();

  friend class BookmarkMenuBridgeTest;

  // True iff the menu is up-to-date with the actual BookmarkModel.
  bool menuIsValid_;

  Profile* profile_;  // weak
  BookmarkMenuCocoaController* controller_;  // strong

  // The folder image so we can use one copy for all.
  scoped_nsobject<NSImage> folder_image_;

  // In order to appropriately update items in the bookmark menu, without
  // forcing a rebuild, map the model's nodes to menu items.
  std::map<const BookmarkNode*, NSMenuItem*> bookmark_nodes_;


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