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// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.


#include "net/url_request/url_request_unittest.h"
#include "testing/gtest/include/gtest/gtest.h"

class Browser;
class Profile;
namespace net {
class RuleBasedHostResolverProc;

// Base class for tests wanting to bring up a browser in the unit test process.
// Writing tests with InProcessBrowserTest is slightly different than that of
// other tests. This is necessitated by InProcessBrowserTest running a message
// loop. To use InProcessBrowserTest do the following:
// . Use the macro IN_PROC_BROWSER_TEST_F to define your test.
// . Your test method is invoked on the ui thread. If you need to block until
//   state changes you'll need to run the message loop from your test method.
//   For example, if you need to wait till a find bar has completely been shown
//   you'll need to invoke ui_test_utils::RunMessageLoop. When the message bar
//   is shown, invoke MessageLoop::current()->Quit() to return control back to
//   your test method.
// . If you subclass and override SetUp, be sure and invoke
//   InProcessBrowserTest::SetUp. (But see also
//   SetUpInProcessBrowserTestFixture and related hook methods for a cleaner
//   alternative).
// By default InProcessBrowserTest creates a single Browser (as returned from
// the CreateBrowser method). You can obviously create more as needed.

// Browsers created while InProcessBrowserTest is running are shown hidden. Use
// the command line switch --show-windows to make them visible when debugging.
// InProcessBrowserTest disables the sandbox when running.
// See ui_test_utils for a handful of methods designed for use with this class.
class InProcessBrowserTest : public testing::Test {
  virtual ~InProcessBrowserTest();

  // We do this so we can be used in a Task.
  void AddRef() {}
  void Release() {}
  static bool ImplementsThreadSafeReferenceCounting() { return false; }

  // Configures everything for an in process browser test, then invokes
  // BrowserMain. BrowserMain ends up invoking RunTestOnMainThreadLoop.
  virtual void SetUp();

  // Restores state configured in SetUp.
  virtual void TearDown();

  // This method is used to decide if user data dir
  // needs to be deleted or not.
  virtual bool ShouldDeleteProfile() { return true; }

  // Returns the browser created by CreateBrowser.
  Browser* browser() const { return browser_; }

  // Override this rather than TestBody.
  virtual void RunTestOnMainThread() = 0;

  // We need these special methods because InProcessBrowserTest::SetUp is the
  // bottom of the stack that winds up calling your test method, so it is not
  // always an option to do what you want by overriding it and calling the
  // superclass version.
  // Override this for things you would normally override SetUp for. It will be
  // called before your individual test fixture method is run, but after most
  // of the overhead initialization has occured.
  virtual void SetUpInProcessBrowserTestFixture() {}

  // Override this for things you would normally override TearDown for.
  virtual void TearDownInProcessBrowserTestFixture() {}

  // Override this to add command line flags specific to your test.
  virtual void SetUpCommandLine(CommandLine* command_line) {}

  // Override this to add any custom cleanup code that needs to be done on the
  // main thread before the browser is torn down.
  virtual void CleanUpOnMainThread() {}

  // Invoked when a test is not finishing in a timely manner.
  void TimedOut();

  // Sets Initial Timeout value.
  void SetInitialTimeoutInMS(int initial_timeout);

  // Starts an HTTP server.
  HTTPTestServer* StartHTTPServer();

  // Creates a browser with a single tab (about:blank), waits for the tab to
  // finish loading and shows the browser.
  // This is invoked from Setup.
  virtual Browser* CreateBrowser(Profile* profile);

  // Returns the host resolver being used for the tests. Subclasses might want
  // to configure it inside tests.
  net::RuleBasedHostResolverProc* host_resolver() {
    return host_resolver_.get();

  // Sets some test states (see below for comments).  Call this in your test
  // constructor.
  void set_show_window(bool show) { show_window_ = show; }
  void EnableDOMAutomation() { dom_automation_enabled_ = true; }
  void EnableSingleProcess() { single_process_ = true; }

  // Invokes CreateBrowser to create a browser, then RunTestOnMainThread, and
  // destroys the browser.
  void RunTestOnMainThreadLoop();

  // Browser created from CreateBrowser.
  Browser* browser_;

  // HTTPServer, created when StartHTTPServer is invoked.
  scoped_refptr<HTTPTestServer> http_server_;

  // Whether this test requires the browser windows to be shown (interactive
  // tests for example need the windows shown).
  bool show_window_;

  // Whether the JavaScript can access the DOMAutomationController (a JS object
  // that can send messages back to the browser).
  bool dom_automation_enabled_;

  // Whether to run the test in single-process mode.
  bool single_process_;

  // We muck with the global command line for this process.  Keep the original
  // so we can reset it when we're done.
  scoped_ptr<CommandLine> original_command_line_;

  // Saved to restore the value of RenderProcessHost::run_renderer_in_process.
  bool original_single_process_;

  // Initial timeout value in ms.
  int initial_timeout_;

  // Host resolver to use during the test.
  scoped_refptr<net::RuleBasedHostResolverProc> host_resolver_;


// We only want to use IN_PROC_BROWSER_TEST in binaries which will properly
// isolate each test case. Otherwise hard-to-debug, possibly intermittent
// crashes caused by carrying state in singletons are very likely.

#define IN_PROC_BROWSER_TEST_(test_case_name, test_name, parent_class,\
class GTEST_TEST_CLASS_NAME_(test_case_name, test_name) : public parent_class {\
  GTEST_TEST_CLASS_NAME_(test_case_name, test_name)() {}\
  virtual void RunTestOnMainThread();\
  virtual void TestBody() {}\
  static ::testing::TestInfo* const test_info_;\
      GTEST_TEST_CLASS_NAME_(test_case_name, test_name));\
::testing::TestInfo* const GTEST_TEST_CLASS_NAME_(test_case_name, test_name)\
  ::test_info_ =\
        #test_case_name, #test_name, "", "", \
        (parent_id), \
        parent_class::SetUpTestCase, \
        parent_class::TearDownTestCase, \
        new ::testing::internal::TestFactoryImpl<\
            GTEST_TEST_CLASS_NAME_(test_case_name, test_name)>);\
void GTEST_TEST_CLASS_NAME_(test_case_name, test_name)::RunTestOnMainThread()

#define IN_PROC_BROWSER_TEST_F(test_fixture, test_name)\
  IN_PROC_BROWSER_TEST_(test_fixture, test_name, test_fixture,\

#endif  // defined(ALLOW_IN_PROC_BROWSER_TEST)


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