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// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// This is an interface for the platform specific FindBar.  It is responsible
// for drawing the FindBar bar on the platform and is owned by the
// FindBarController.


#include "base/string16.h"
#include "gfx/rect.h"

class FindBarController;
class FindBarTesting;
class FindNotificationDetails;
class TabContents;

class FindBar {
  virtual ~FindBar() { }

  // Accessor and setter for the FindBarController.
  virtual FindBarController* GetFindBarController() const = 0;
  virtual void SetFindBarController(
      FindBarController* find_bar_controller) = 0;

  // Shows the find bar. Any previous search string will again be visible.
  // If |animate| is true, we try to slide the find bar in.
  virtual void Show(bool animate) = 0;

  // Hide the find bar.  If |animate| is true, we try to slide the find bar
  // away.
  virtual void Hide(bool animate) = 0;

  // Restore the selected text in the find box and focus it.
  virtual void SetFocusAndSelection() = 0;

  // Clear the text in the find box.
  virtual void ClearResults(const FindNotificationDetails& results) = 0;

  // Stop the animation.
  virtual void StopAnimation() = 0;

  // If the find bar obscures the search results we need to move the window. To
  // do that we need to know what is selected on the page. We simply calculate
  // where it would be if we place it on the left of the selection and if it
  // doesn't fit on the screen we try the right side. The parameter
  // |selection_rect| is expected to have coordinates relative to the top of
  // the web page area. If |no_redraw| is true, the window will be moved without
  // redrawing siblings.
  virtual void MoveWindowIfNecessary(const gfx::Rect& selection_rect,
                                     bool no_redraw) = 0;

  // Set the text in the find box.
  virtual void SetFindText(const string16& find_text) = 0;

  // Updates the FindBar with the find result details contained within the
  // specified |result|.
  virtual void UpdateUIForFindResult(const FindNotificationDetails& result,
                                     const string16& find_text) = 0;

  // No match was found; play an audible alert.
  virtual void AudibleAlert() = 0;

  virtual bool IsFindBarVisible() = 0;

  // Upon dismissing the window, restore focus to the last focused view which is
  // not FindBarView or any of its children.
  virtual void RestoreSavedFocus() = 0;

  // Returns a pointer to the testing interface to the FindBar, or NULL
  // if there is none.
  virtual FindBarTesting* GetFindBarTesting() = 0;

class FindBarTesting {
  virtual ~FindBarTesting() { }

  // Computes the location of the find bar and whether it is fully visible in
  // its parent window. The return value indicates if the window is visible at
  // all. Both out arguments are required.
  // This is used for UI tests of the find bar. If the find bar is not currently
  // shown (return value of false), the out params will be {(0, 0), false}.
  virtual bool GetFindBarWindowInfo(gfx::Point* position,
                                    bool* fully_visible) = 0;

  // Gets the search string currently visible in the Find box.
  virtual string16 GetFindText() = 0;


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