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# Copyright (c) 2009 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.

"""Extract UserMetrics "actions" strings from the Chrome source.

This program generates the list of known actions we expect to see in the
user behavior logs.  It walks the Chrome source, looking for calls to
UserMetrics functions, extracting actions and warning on improper calls,
as well as generating the lists of possible actions in situations where
there are many possible actions.

See also:

Run it from the chrome/browser directory like:
  extract_actions.py > actions_list

__author__ = 'evanm (Evan Martin)'

import os
import re
import sys

from google import path_utils

# Files that are known to use UserMetrics::RecordComputedAction(), which means
# they require special handling code in this script.
# To add a new file, add it to this list and add the appropriate logic to
# generate the known actions to AddComputedActions() below.
  'render_view_host.cc',  # called using webkit identifiers
  'user_metrics.cc',  # method definition
  'new_tab_ui.cc',  # most visited clicks 1-9
  'extension_metrics_module.cc', # extensions hook for user metrics

number_of_files_total = 0

def AddComputedActions(actions):
  """Add computed actions to the actions list.

    actions: set of actions to add to.

  # Actions for back_forward_menu_model.cc.
  for dir in ['BackMenu_', 'ForwardMenu_']:
    actions.add(dir + 'ShowFullHistory')
    actions.add(dir + 'Popup')
    for i in range(1, 20):
      actions.add(dir + 'HistoryClick' + str(i))
      actions.add(dir + 'ChapterClick' + str(i))

  # Actions for new_tab_ui.cc.
  for i in range(1, 10):
    actions.add('MostVisited%d' % i)

def AddWebKitEditorActions(actions):
  """Add editor actions from editor_client_impl.cc.

    actions: set of actions to add to.
  action_re = re.compile(r'''\{ [\w']+, +\w+, +"(.*)" +\},''')

  editor_file = os.path.join(path_utils.ScriptDir(), '..', '..', 'webkit',
                             'api', 'src','EditorClientImpl.cc')
  for line in open(editor_file):
    match = action_re.search(line)
    if match:  # Plain call to RecordAction

def GrepForActions(path, actions):
  """Grep a source file for calls to UserMetrics functions.

    path: path to the file
    actions: set of actions to add to
  global number_of_files_total
  number_of_files_total = number_of_files_total + 1
  # we look for the UserMetricsAction structur constructor
  # this should be on one line
  action_re = re.compile(r'UserMetricsAction\("([^"]*)')
  computed_action_re = re.compile(r'UserMetrics::RecordComputedAction')
  line_number = 0
  for line in open(path):
    line_number = line_number + 1
    match = action_re.search(line)
    if match:  # Plain call to RecordAction
    elif computed_action_re.search(line):
      # Warn if this file shouldn't be calling RecordComputedAction.
      if os.path.basename(path) not in KNOWN_COMPUTED_USERS:
        print >>sys.stderr, 'WARNING: {0} has RecordComputedAction at {1}'.\
                             format(path, line_number)

def WalkDirectory(root_path, actions):
  for path, dirs, files in os.walk(root_path):
    if '.svn' in dirs:
    for file in files:
      ext = os.path.splitext(file)[1]
      if ext in ('.cc', '.mm', '.c', '.m'):
        GrepForActions(os.path.join(path, file), actions)

def main(argv):
  actions = set()
  # TODO(fmantek): bring back webkit editor actions.
  # AddWebKitEditorActions(actions)

  # Walk the source tree to process all .cc files.
  chrome_root = os.path.join(path_utils.ScriptDir(), '..')
  WalkDirectory(chrome_root, actions)
  webkit_root = os.path.join(path_utils.ScriptDir(), '..', '..', 'webkit')
  WalkDirectory(os.path.join(webkit_root, 'glue'), actions)
  WalkDirectory(os.path.join(webkit_root, 'port'), actions)

  # print "Scanned {0} number of files".format(number_of_files_total)
  # print "Found {0} entries".format(len(actions))

  # Print out the actions as a sorted list.
  for action in sorted(actions):
    print action

if '__main__' == __name__:

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