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// Copyright (c) 2006-2008 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.


#include <string>

#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/lock.h"

namespace google_breakpad {

class CrashReportSender;
class CrashGenerationServer;
class ClientInfo;


// This class implements an out-of-process crash server. It uses breakpad's
// CrashGenerationServer and CrashReportSender to generate and then send the
// crash dumps. Internally, it uses OS specific pipe to allow applications to
// register for crash dumps and later on when a registered application crashes
// it will signal an event that causes this code to wake up and perform a
// crash dump on the signaling process. The dump is then stored on disk and
// possibly sent to the crash2 servers.
class CrashService {
  // The ctor takes a directory that needs to be writable and will create
  // a subdirectory inside to keep logs, crashes and checkpoint files.
  explicit CrashService(const std::wstring& report_dir);

  // Starts servicing crash dumps. The command_line specifies various behaviors,
  // see below for more information. Returns false if it failed. Do not use
  // other members in that case.
  bool Initialize(const std::wstring& command_line);

  // Command line switches:
  // --max-reports=<number>
  // Allows to override the maximum number for reports per day. Normally
  // the crash dumps are never sent so if you want to send any you must
  // specify a positive number here.
  static const char kMaxReports[];
  // --no-window
  // Does not create a visible window on the desktop. The window does not have
  // any other functionality other than allowing the crash service to be
  // gracefully closed.
  static const char kNoWindow[];
  // --reporter=<string>
  // Allows to specify a custom string that appears on the detail crash report
  // page in the crash server. This should be a 25 chars or less string.
  // The default tag if not specified is 'crash svc'.
  static const char kReporterTag[];

  // Returns the actual report path.
  std::wstring report_path() const {
    return report_path_;
  // Returns number of crash dumps handled.
  int requests_handled() const {
    return requests_handled_;
  // Returns number of crash clients registered.
  int clients_connected() const {
    return clients_connected_;
  // Returns number of crash clients terminated.
  int clients_terminated() const {
    return clients_terminated_;

  // Starts the processing loop. This function does not return unless the
  // user is logging off or the user closes the crash service window. The
  // return value is a good number to pass in ExitProcess().
  int ProcessingLoop();

  static void OnClientConnected(void* context,
                                const google_breakpad::ClientInfo* client_info);

  static void OnClientDumpRequest(
      void* context,
      const google_breakpad::ClientInfo* client_info,
      const std::wstring* file_path);

  static void OnClientExited(void* context,
                             const google_breakpad::ClientInfo* client_info);

  // This routine sends the crash dump to the server. It takes the sending_
  // lock when it is performing the send.
  static unsigned long __stdcall AsyncSendDump(void* context);

  // Returns the security descriptor which access to low integrity processes
  // The caller is supposed to free the security descriptor by calling
  // LocalFree.
  PSECURITY_DESCRIPTOR GetSecurityDescriptorForLowIntegrity();

  google_breakpad::CrashGenerationServer* dumper_;
  google_breakpad::CrashReportSender* sender_;

  // the path to dumps and logs directory.
  std::wstring report_path_;
  // the extra tag sent to the server with each dump.
  std::wstring reporter_tag_;

  // clients serviced statistics:
  int requests_handled_;
  int requests_sent_;
  volatile long clients_connected_;
  volatile long clients_terminated_;
  Lock sending_;



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