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def bookmarks::BookmarksTest::testAddOneNode (   self  ) 

Add a bookmark to the bar; confirm it.

Definition at line 28 of file bookmarks.py.

00028                           :
    """Add a bookmark to the bar; confirm it."""
    bookmarks = self.GetBookmarkModel()
    bar_id = bookmarks.BookmarkBar()['id']
    name = 'Google'
    url = 'http://www.google.com'
    c = bookmarks.NodeCount()
    self.AddBookmarkURL(bar_id, 0, name, url)
    bookmarks = self.GetBookmarkModel()
    node = bookmarks.BookmarkBar()['children'][0]
    self.assertEqual(c+1, bookmarks.NodeCount())
    self.assertEqual(node['type'], 'url')
    self.assertEqual(node['name'], name)
    # URLs may not be exact; e.g. http://www.com --> http://www.com/
    self.assertTrue(url in node['url'])
    # Make sure we can search and find the same thing
    nodes = bookmarks.FindByTitle(name)
    self.assertEqual(1, len(nodes))
    self.assertTrue(nodes[0]['id'] == node['id'])

  def testAddGroup(self):

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