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SkTypeface Class Reference

#include <SkTypeface.h>

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Detailed Description

The SkTypeface class specifies the typeface and intrinsic style of a font. This is used in the paint, along with optionally algorithmic settings like textSize, textSkewX, textScaleX, kFakeBoldText_Mask, to specify how text appears when drawn (and measured).

Typeface objects are immutable, and so they can be shared between threads.

Definition at line 34 of file SkTypeface.h.

Public Types

enum  Style { kNormal = 0, kBold = 0x01, kItalic = 0x02, kBoldItalic = 0x03 }

Public Member Functions

int32_t getRefCnt () const
bool isBold () const
bool isItalic () const
void ref () const
void safeRef () const
void safeUnref () const
void serialize (SkWStream *) const
Style style () const
uint32_t uniqueID () const
void unref () const

Static Public Member Functions

static SkTypefaceCreateFromFile (const char path[])
static SkTypefaceCreateFromName (const char familyName[], Style style)
static SkTypefaceCreateFromStream (SkStream *stream)
static SkTypefaceCreateFromTypeface (const SkTypeface *family, Style s)
static SkTypefaceDeserialize (SkStream *)
static bool Equal (const SkTypeface *facea, const SkTypeface *faceb)
static uint32_t UniqueID (const SkTypeface *face)

Protected Member Functions

 SkTypeface (Style style, uint32_t uniqueID)

Private Types

typedef SkRefCnt INHERITED

Private Attributes

Style fStyle
uint32_t fUniqueID

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