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// Copyright (c) 2006-2008 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.

#include "chrome/browser/autocomplete/autocomplete_edit.h"

#include <string>

#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/utf_string_conversions.h"
#include "chrome/app/chrome_dll_resource.h"
#include "chrome/browser/autocomplete/autocomplete_edit_view.h"
#include "chrome/browser/autocomplete/autocomplete_popup_model.h"
#include "chrome/browser/autocomplete/keyword_provider.h"
#include "chrome/browser/command_updater.h"
#include "chrome/browser/metrics/user_metrics.h"
#include "chrome/browser/net/dns_global.h"
#include "chrome/browser/net/url_fixer_upper.h"
#include "chrome/browser/profile.h"
#include "chrome/browser/search_engines/template_url.h"
#include "chrome/browser/search_engines/template_url_model.h"
#include "chrome/browser/search_versus_navigate_classifier.h"
#include "chrome/common/notification_service.h"
#include "googleurl/src/gurl.h"
#include "googleurl/src/url_util.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/core/SkBitmap.h"

// AutocompleteEditModel

    AutocompleteEditView* view,
    AutocompleteEditController* controller,
    Profile* profile)
    : view_(view),
      profile_(profile) {

void AutocompleteEditModel::SetPopupModel(AutocompletePopupModel* popup_model) {
  popup_ = popup_model;

void AutocompleteEditModel::SetProfile(Profile* profile) {
  profile_ = profile;

const AutocompleteEditModel::State
    AutocompleteEditModel::GetStateForTabSwitch() {
  // Like typing, switching tabs "accepts" the temporary text as the user
  // text, because it makes little sense to have temporary text when the
  // popup is closed.
  if (user_input_in_progress_) {
    // Weird edge case to match other browsers: if the edit is empty, revert to
    // the permanent text (so the user can get it back easily) but select it (so
    // on switching back, typing will "just work").
    const std::wstring user_text(UserTextFromDisplayText(view_->GetText()));
    if (user_text.empty()) {
    } else {

  return State(user_input_in_progress_, user_text_, keyword_, is_keyword_hint_,
      keyword_ui_state_, show_search_hint_);

void AutocompleteEditModel::RestoreState(const State& state) {
  // Restore any user editing.
  if (state.user_input_in_progress) {
    // NOTE: Be sure and set keyword-related state BEFORE invoking
    // DisplayTextFromUserText(), as its result depends upon this state.
    keyword_ = state.keyword;
    is_keyword_hint_ = state.is_keyword_hint;
    keyword_ui_state_ = state.keyword_ui_state;
    show_search_hint_ = state.show_search_hint;
        DisplayTextFromUserText(state.user_text), false);

bool AutocompleteEditModel::UpdatePermanentText(
    const std::wstring& new_permanent_text) {
  // When there's a new URL, and the user is not editing anything or the edit
  // doesn't have focus, we want to revert the edit to show the new URL.  (The
  // common case where the edit doesn't have focus is when the user has started
  // an edit and then abandoned it and clicked a link on the page.)
  const bool visibly_changed_permanent_text =
      (permanent_text_ != new_permanent_text) &&
      (!user_input_in_progress_ || !has_focus_);

  permanent_text_ = new_permanent_text;
  return visibly_changed_permanent_text;

void AutocompleteEditModel::SetUserText(const std::wstring& text) {
  paste_state_ = NONE;
  has_temporary_text_ = false;

void AutocompleteEditModel::GetDataForURLExport(GURL* url,
                                                std::wstring* title,
                                                SkBitmap* favicon) {
  *url = GetURLForCurrentText(NULL, NULL, NULL);
  if (UTF8ToWide(url->possibly_invalid_spec()) == permanent_text_) {
    *title = controller_->GetTitle();
    *favicon = controller_->GetFavIcon();

std::wstring AutocompleteEditModel::GetDesiredTLD() const {
  return (control_key_state_ == DOWN_WITHOUT_CHANGE) ?
    std::wstring(L"com") : std::wstring();

bool AutocompleteEditModel::CurrentTextIsURL() {
  // If !user_input_in_progress_, the permanent text is showing, which should
  // always be a URL, so no further checking is needed.  By avoiding checking in
  // this case, we avoid calling into the autocomplete providers, and thus
  // initializing the history system, as long as possible, which speeds startup.
  if (!user_input_in_progress_)
    return true;

  PageTransition::Type transition = PageTransition::LINK;
  GetURLForCurrentText(&transition, NULL, NULL);
  return transition == PageTransition::TYPED;

bool AutocompleteEditModel::GetURLForText(const std::wstring& text,
                                          GURL* url) const {
  url_parse::Parsed parts;
  const AutocompleteInput::Type type = AutocompleteInput::Parse(
      UserTextFromDisplayText(text), std::wstring(), &parts, NULL);
  if (type != AutocompleteInput::URL)
    return false;

  *url = GURL(URLFixerUpper::FixupURL(WideToUTF8(text), std::string()));
  return true;

void AutocompleteEditModel::SetInputInProgress(bool in_progress) {
  if (user_input_in_progress_ == in_progress)

  user_input_in_progress_ = in_progress;

void AutocompleteEditModel::Revert() {
  paste_state_ = NONE;
  is_keyword_hint_ = false;
  keyword_ui_state_ = NORMAL;
  show_search_hint_ = permanent_text_.empty();
  has_temporary_text_ = false;
                                  has_focus_ ? permanent_text_.length() : 0);

void AutocompleteEditModel::StartAutocomplete(
    bool prevent_inline_autocomplete) const {
  popup_->StartAutocomplete(user_text_, GetDesiredTLD(),
      prevent_inline_autocomplete || just_deleted_text_ ||
      (paste_state_ != NONE), keyword_ui_state_ == KEYWORD);

bool AutocompleteEditModel::CanPasteAndGo(const std::wstring& text) const {
  if (!view_->GetCommandUpdater()->IsCommandEnabled(IDC_OPEN_CURRENT_URL))
    return false;

  paste_and_go_url_ = GURL();
  paste_and_go_transition_ = PageTransition::TYPED;
  paste_and_go_alternate_nav_url_ = GURL();

  profile_->GetSearchVersusNavigateClassifier()->Classify(text, std::wstring(),
      NULL, &paste_and_go_url_, &paste_and_go_transition_, NULL,

  return paste_and_go_url_.is_valid();

void AutocompleteEditModel::PasteAndGo() {
  // The final parameter to OpenURL, keyword, is not quite correct here: it's
  // possible to "paste and go" a string that contains a keyword.  This is
  // enough of an edge case that we ignore this possibility.
  view_->OpenURL(paste_and_go_url_, CURRENT_TAB, paste_and_go_transition_,
      paste_and_go_alternate_nav_url_, AutocompletePopupModel::kNoMatch,

void AutocompleteEditModel::AcceptInput(WindowOpenDisposition disposition,
                                        bool for_drop) {
  // Get the URL and transition type for the selected entry.
  PageTransition::Type transition;
  bool is_history_what_you_typed_match;
  GURL alternate_nav_url;
  const GURL url(GetURLForCurrentText(&transition,
  if (!url.is_valid())

  if (UTF8ToWide(url.spec()) == permanent_text_) {
    // When the user hit enter on the existing permanent URL, treat it like a
    // reload for scoring purposes.  We could detect this by just checking
    // user_input_in_progress_, but it seems better to treat "edits" that end
    // up leaving the URL unchanged (e.g. deleting the last character and then
    // retyping it) as reloads too.
    transition = PageTransition::RELOAD;
  } else if (for_drop || ((paste_state_ != NONE) &&
                          is_history_what_you_typed_match)) {
    // When the user pasted in a URL and hit enter, score it like a link click
    // rather than a normal typed URL, so it doesn't get inline autocompleted
    // as aggressively later.
    transition = PageTransition::LINK;

  view_->OpenURL(url, disposition, transition, alternate_nav_url,
      is_keyword_hint_ ? std::wstring() : keyword_);

void AutocompleteEditModel::SendOpenNotification(size_t selected_line,
                                                 const std::wstring& keyword) {
  // We only care about cases where there is a selection (i.e. the popup is
  // open).
  if (popup_->IsOpen()) {
    scoped_ptr<AutocompleteLog> log(popup_->GetAutocompleteLog());
    if (selected_line != AutocompletePopupModel::kNoMatch)
      log->selected_index = selected_line;
    else if (!has_temporary_text_)
      log->inline_autocompleted_length = inline_autocomplete_text_.length();
        NotificationType::OMNIBOX_OPENED_URL, Source<Profile>(profile_),

  TemplateURLModel* template_url_model = profile_->GetTemplateURLModel();
  if (keyword.empty() || !template_url_model)

  const TemplateURL* const template_url =
  if (template_url) {
    UserMetrics::RecordAction(UserMetricsAction("AcceptedKeyword"), profile_);

  // NOTE: We purposefully don't increment the usage count of the default search
  // engine, if applicable; see comments in template_url.h.

void AutocompleteEditModel::AcceptKeyword() {
  view_->SetWindowTextAndCaretPos(std::wstring(), 0);
  is_keyword_hint_ = false;
  keyword_ui_state_ = KEYWORD;
  just_deleted_text_ = false;  // OnAfterPossibleChange() erroneously sets this
                               // since the edit contents have disappeared.  It
                               // doesn't really matter, but we clear it to be
                               // consistent.
  UserMetrics::RecordAction(UserMetricsAction("AcceptedKeywordHint"), profile_);

void AutocompleteEditModel::ClearKeyword(const std::wstring& visible_text) {
  const std::wstring window_text(keyword_ + visible_text);
  view_->SetWindowTextAndCaretPos(window_text.c_str(), keyword_.length());
  keyword_ui_state_ = NORMAL;
  just_deleted_text_ = true;  // OnAfterPossibleChange() fails to clear this
                              // since the edit contents have actually grown
                              // longer.

bool AutocompleteEditModel::query_in_progress() const {
  return !popup_->autocomplete_controller()->done();

const AutocompleteResult& AutocompleteEditModel::result() const {
  return popup_->autocomplete_controller()->result();

void AutocompleteEditModel::OnSetFocus(bool control_down) {
  has_focus_ = true;
  control_key_state_ = control_down ? DOWN_WITHOUT_CHANGE : UP;

void AutocompleteEditModel::OnKillFocus() {
  has_focus_ = false;
  control_key_state_ = UP;
  paste_state_ = NONE;

  // Like typing, killing focus "accepts" the temporary text as the user
  // text, because it makes little sense to have temporary text when the
  // popup is closed.
  has_temporary_text_ = false;

bool AutocompleteEditModel::OnEscapeKeyPressed() {
  if (has_temporary_text_ &&
      (popup_->URLsForCurrentSelection(NULL, NULL, NULL) != original_url_)) {
    // The user typed something, then selected a different item.  Restore the
    // text they typed and change back to the default item.
    // NOTE: This purposefully does not reset paste_state_.
    just_deleted_text_ = false;
    has_temporary_text_ = false;
    keyword_ui_state_ = original_keyword_ui_state_;
    return true;

  // If the user wasn't editing, but merely had focus in the edit, allow <esc>
  // to be processed as an accelerator, so it can still be used to stop a load.
  // When the permanent text isn't all selected we still fall through to the
  // SelectAll() call below so users can arrow around in the text and then hit
  // <esc> to quickly replace all the text; this matches IE.
  if (!user_input_in_progress_ && view_->IsSelectAll())
    return false;

  return true;

void AutocompleteEditModel::OnControlKeyChanged(bool pressed) {
  // Don't change anything unless the key state is actually toggling.
  if (pressed == (control_key_state_ == UP)) {
    ControlKeyState old_state = control_key_state_;
    control_key_state_ = pressed ? DOWN_WITHOUT_CHANGE : UP;
    if ((control_key_state_ == DOWN_WITHOUT_CHANGE) && has_temporary_text_) {
      // Arrowing down and then hitting control accepts the temporary text as
      // the input text.
      has_temporary_text_ = false;
    if ((old_state != DOWN_WITH_CHANGE) && popup_->IsOpen()) {
      // Autocomplete history provider results may change, so refresh the
      // popup.  This will force user_input_in_progress_ to true, but if the
      // popup is open, that should have already been the case.

void AutocompleteEditModel::OnUpOrDownKeyPressed(int count) {
  // NOTE: This purposefully don't trigger any code that resets paste_state_.

  if (!popup_->IsOpen()) {
    if (!query_in_progress()) {
      // The popup is neither open nor working on a query already.  So, start an
      // autocomplete query for the current text.  This also sets
      // user_input_in_progress_ to true, which we want: if the user has started
      // to interact with the popup, changing the permanent_text_ shouldn't
      // change the displayed text.
      // Note: This does not force the popup to open immediately.
      // TODO(pkasting): We should, in fact, force this particular query to open
      // the popup immediately.
      if (!user_input_in_progress_)
    } else {
      // TODO(pkasting): The popup is working on a query but is not open.  We
      // should force it to open immediately.
  } else {
    // The popup is open, so the user should be able to interact with it
    // normally.

  // NOTE: We need to reset the keyword_ui_state_ after the popup updates, since
  // Move() will eventually call back to OnPopupDataChanged(), which needs to
  // save off the current keyword_ui_state_.
  keyword_ui_state_ = NORMAL;

void AutocompleteEditModel::OnPopupDataChanged(
    const std::wstring& text,
    bool is_temporary_text,
    const std::wstring& keyword,
    bool is_keyword_hint,
    AutocompleteMatch::Type type) {
  // We don't want to show the search hint if we're showing a keyword hint or
  // selected keyword, or (subtle!) if we would be showing a selected keyword
  // but for keyword_ui_state_ == NO_KEYWORD.
  const bool show_search_hint = keyword.empty() &&
      ((type == AutocompleteMatch::SEARCH_WHAT_YOU_TYPED) ||
       (type == AutocompleteMatch::SEARCH_HISTORY) ||
       (type == AutocompleteMatch::SEARCH_SUGGEST));

  // Update keyword/hint-related local state.
  bool keyword_state_changed = (keyword_ != keyword) ||
      ((is_keyword_hint_ != is_keyword_hint) && !keyword.empty()) ||
      (show_search_hint_ != show_search_hint);
  if (keyword_state_changed) {
    keyword_ = keyword;
    is_keyword_hint_ = is_keyword_hint;
    show_search_hint_ = show_search_hint;

  // Handle changes to temporary text.
  if (is_temporary_text) {
    const bool save_original_selection = !has_temporary_text_;
    if (save_original_selection) {
      // Save the original selection and URL so it can be reverted later.
      has_temporary_text_ = true;
      original_url_ = popup_->URLsForCurrentSelection(NULL, NULL, NULL);
      original_keyword_ui_state_ = keyword_ui_state_;
    if (control_key_state_ == DOWN_WITHOUT_CHANGE) {
      // Arrowing around the popup cancels control-enter.
      control_key_state_ = DOWN_WITH_CHANGE;
      // Now things are a bit screwy: the desired_tld has changed, but if we
      // update the popup, the new order of entries won't match the old, so the
      // user's selection gets screwy; and if we don't update the popup, and the
      // user reverts, then the selected item will be as if control is still
      // pressed, even though maybe it isn't any more.  There is no obvious
      // right answer here :(

  // TODO(suzhe): Instead of messing with |inline_autocomplete_text_| here,
  // we should probably do it inside Observe(), and save/restore it around
  // changes to the temporary text.  This will let us remove knowledge of
  // inline autocompletions from the popup code.
  // Handle changes to inline autocomplete text.  Don't make changes if the user
  // is showing temporary text.  Making display changes would be obviously
  // wrong; making changes to the inline_autocomplete_text_ itself turns out to
  // be more subtlely wrong, because it means hitting esc will no longer revert
  // to the original state before arrowing.
  if (!has_temporary_text_) {
    inline_autocomplete_text_ = text;
    if (view_->OnInlineAutocompleteTextMaybeChanged(
        DisplayTextFromUserText(user_text_ + inline_autocomplete_text_),

  // If the above changes didn't warrant a text update but we did change keyword
  // state, we have yet to notify the controller about it.
  if (keyword_state_changed)

bool AutocompleteEditModel::OnAfterPossibleChange(const std::wstring& new_text,
                                                  bool selection_differs,
                                                  bool text_differs,
                                                  bool just_deleted_text,
                                                  bool at_end_of_edit) {
  // Update the paste state as appropriate: if we're just finishing a paste
  // that replaced all the text, preserve that information; otherwise, if we've
  // made some other edit, clear paste tracking.
  if (paste_state_ == REPLACING_ALL)
    paste_state_ = REPLACED_ALL;
  else if (text_differs)
    paste_state_ = NONE;

  // If something has changed while the control key is down, prevent
  // "ctrl-enter" until the control key is released.  When we do this, we need
  // to update the popup if it's open, since the desired_tld will have changed.
  if ((text_differs || selection_differs) &&
      (control_key_state_ == DOWN_WITHOUT_CHANGE)) {
    control_key_state_ = DOWN_WITH_CHANGE;
    if (!text_differs && !popup_->IsOpen())
      return false;  // Don't open the popup for no reason.
  } else if (!text_differs &&
             (inline_autocomplete_text_.empty() || !selection_differs)) {
    return false;

  const bool had_keyword = (keyword_ui_state_ != NO_KEYWORD) &&
      !is_keyword_hint_ && !keyword_.empty();

  // Modifying the selection counts as accepting the autocompleted text.
  has_temporary_text_ = false;

  // Track when the user has deleted text so we won't allow inline autocomplete.
  just_deleted_text_ = just_deleted_text;

  // Disable the fancy keyword UI if the user didn't already have a visible
  // keyword and is not at the end of the edit.  This prevents us from showing
  // the fancy UI (and interrupting the user's editing) if the user happens to
  // have a keyword for 'a', types 'ab' then puts a space between the 'a' and
  // the 'b'.
  if (!had_keyword)
    keyword_ui_state_ = at_end_of_edit ? NORMAL : NO_KEYWORD;


  if (had_keyword) {
    if (is_keyword_hint_ || keyword_.empty())
      keyword_ui_state_ = NORMAL;
  } else if ((keyword_ui_state_ != NO_KEYWORD) && !is_keyword_hint_ &&
             !keyword_.empty()) {
    // Went from no selected keyword to a selected keyword.
    keyword_ui_state_ = KEYWORD;

  return true;

void AutocompleteEditModel::Observe(NotificationType type,
                                    const NotificationSource& source,
                                    const NotificationDetails& details) {

  std::wstring inline_autocomplete_text;
  std::wstring keyword;
  bool is_keyword_hint = false;
  AutocompleteMatch::Type match_type = AutocompleteMatch::SEARCH_WHAT_YOU_TYPED;
  const AutocompleteResult* result =
      Details<const AutocompleteResult>(details).ptr();
  const AutocompleteResult::const_iterator match(result->default_match());
  if (match != result->end()) {
    if ((match->inline_autocomplete_offset != std::wstring::npos) &&
        (match->inline_autocomplete_offset < match->fill_into_edit.length())) {
      inline_autocomplete_text =
    // Warm up DNS Prefetch Cache.
    // We could prefetch the alternate nav URL, if any, but because there
    // can be many of these as a user types an initial series of characters,
    // the OS DNS cache could suffer eviction problems for minimal gain.

    is_keyword_hint = popup_->GetKeywordForMatch(*match, &keyword);
    match_type = match->type;

  OnPopupDataChanged(inline_autocomplete_text, false, keyword, is_keyword_hint,

void AutocompleteEditModel::InternalSetUserText(const std::wstring& text) {
  user_text_ = text;
  just_deleted_text_ = false;

std::wstring AutocompleteEditModel::DisplayTextFromUserText(
    const std::wstring& text) const {
  return ((keyword_ui_state_ == NO_KEYWORD) || is_keyword_hint_ ||
          keyword_.empty()) ?
      text : KeywordProvider::SplitReplacementStringFromInput(text);

std::wstring AutocompleteEditModel::UserTextFromDisplayText(
    const std::wstring& text) const {
  return ((keyword_ui_state_ == NO_KEYWORD) || is_keyword_hint_ ||
          keyword_.empty()) ?
      text : (keyword_ + L" " + text);

GURL AutocompleteEditModel::GetURLForCurrentText(
    PageTransition::Type* transition,
    bool* is_history_what_you_typed_match,
    GURL* alternate_nav_url) const {
  if (popup_->IsOpen() || query_in_progress()) {
    return popup_->URLsForCurrentSelection(transition,

  GURL destination_url;
      UserTextFromDisplayText(view_->GetText()), GetDesiredTLD(), NULL,
      &destination_url, transition, is_history_what_you_typed_match,
  return destination_url;

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