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// Copyright (c) 2009 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.

// A class representing an attempt to synchronize the local syncable data
// store with a sync server. A SyncSession instance is passed as a stateful
// bundle to and from various SyncerCommands with the goal of converging the
// client view of data with that of the server. The commands twiddle with
// session status in response to events and hiccups along the way, set and
// query session progress with regards to conflict resolution and applying
// server updates, and access the SyncSessionContext for the current session
// via SyncSession instances.


#include <string>
#include <vector>

#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "base/time.h"
#include "chrome/browser/sync/sessions/ordered_commit_set.h"
#include "chrome/browser/sync/sessions/session_state.h"
#include "chrome/browser/sync/sessions/status_controller.h"
#include "chrome/browser/sync/sessions/sync_session_context.h"
#include "chrome/browser/sync/util/extensions_activity_monitor.h"

namespace syncable {
class WriteTransaction;

namespace browser_sync {
class ModelSafeWorker;

namespace sessions {

class SyncSession {
  // The Delegate services events that occur during the session requiring an
  // explicit (and session-global) action, as opposed to events that are simply
  // recorded in per-session state.
  class Delegate {
    // The client was throttled and should cease-and-desist syncing activity
    // until the specified time.
    virtual void OnSilencedUntil(const base::TimeTicks& silenced_until) = 0;

    // Silenced intervals can be out of phase with individual sessions, so the
    // delegate is the only thing that can give an authoritative answer for
    // "is syncing silenced right now". This shouldn't be necessary very often
    // as the delegate ensures no session is started if syncing is silenced.
    // ** Note **  This will return true if silencing commenced during this
    // session and the interval has not yet elapsed, but the contract here is
    // solely based on absolute time values. So, this cannot be used to infer
    // that any given session _instance_ is silenced.  An example of reasonable
    // use is for UI reporting.
    virtual bool IsSyncingCurrentlySilenced() = 0;

    // The client has been instructed to change its short poll interval.
    virtual void OnReceivedShortPollIntervalUpdate(
        const base::TimeDelta& new_interval) = 0;

    // The client has been instructed to change its long poll interval.
    virtual void OnReceivedLongPollIntervalUpdate(
        const base::TimeDelta& new_interval) = 0;

    virtual ~Delegate() {}

  // Creates a new SyncSession with mandatory context and delegate.
  SyncSession(SyncSessionContext* context, Delegate* delegate);

  // Builds a thread-safe and read-only copy of the current session state.
  SyncSessionSnapshot TakeSnapshot() const;

  // Returns true if this session contains data that should go through the sync
  // engine again.
  bool HasMoreToSync() const;

  SyncSessionContext* context() { return context_; }
  Delegate* delegate() { return delegate_; }
  syncable::WriteTransaction* write_transaction() { return write_transaction_; }
  StatusController* status_controller() { return status_controller_.get(); }

  const ExtensionsActivityMonitor::Records& extensions_activity() const {
    return extensions_activity_;
  ExtensionsActivityMonitor::Records* mutable_extensions_activity() {
    return &extensions_activity_;

  // Volatile reader for the source member of the sync session object.  The
  // value is set to the SYNC_CYCLE_CONTINUATION value to signal that it has
  // been read.
  sync_pb::GetUpdatesCallerInfo::GetUpdatesSource TestAndSetSource();
  void set_source(sync_pb::GetUpdatesCallerInfo::GetUpdatesSource source) {
    source_ = source;

  const std::vector<ModelSafeWorker*>& workers() const { return workers_; }
  const ModelSafeRoutingInfo& routing_info() const { return routing_info_; }

  // Extend the encapsulation boundary to utilities for internal member
  // assignments. This way, the scope of these actions is explicit, they can't
  // be overridden, and assigning is always accompanied by unassigning.
  friend class ScopedSetSessionWriteTransaction;

  // The context for this session, guaranteed to outlive |this|.
  SyncSessionContext* const context_;

  // The source for initiating this sync session.
  sync_pb::GetUpdatesCallerInfo::GetUpdatesSource source_;

  // Information about extensions activity since the last successful commit.
  ExtensionsActivityMonitor::Records extensions_activity_;

  // Used to allow various steps to share a transaction. Can be NULL.
  syncable::WriteTransaction* write_transaction_;

  // The delegate for this session, must never be NULL.
  Delegate* delegate_;

  // Our controller for various status and error counters.
  scoped_ptr<StatusController> status_controller_;

  // The set of active ModelSafeWorkers for the duration of this session.
  const std::vector<ModelSafeWorker*> workers_;

  // The routing info for the duration of this session, dictating which
  // datatypes should be synced and which workers should be used when working
  // on those datatypes.
  const ModelSafeRoutingInfo routing_info_;


// Installs a WriteTransaction to a given session and later clears it when the
// utility falls out of scope. Transactions are not nestable, so it is an error
// to try and use one of these if the session already has a transaction.
class ScopedSetSessionWriteTransaction {
  ScopedSetSessionWriteTransaction(SyncSession* session,
                                   syncable::WriteTransaction* trans)
      : session_(session) {
    session_->write_transaction_ = trans;
  ~ScopedSetSessionWriteTransaction() { session_->write_transaction_ = NULL; }

  SyncSession* session_;

}  // namespace sessions
}  // namespace browser_sync


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