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RTSPTransportField Struct Reference

#include <rtsp.h>

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Detailed Description

This describes a single item in the "Transport:" line of one stream as negotiated by the SETUP RTSP command. Multiple transports are comma- separated ("Transport: x-read-rdt/tcp;interleaved=0-1,rtp/avp/udp; client_port=1000-1001;server_port=1800-1801") and described in separate RTSPTransportFields.

Definition at line 67 of file rtsp.h.

Public Attributes

int client_port_max
int client_port_min
uint32_t destination
int interleaved_max
int interleaved_min
enum RTSPLowerTransport lower_transport
int port_max
int port_min
int server_port_max
int server_port_min
enum RTSPTransport transport
int ttl

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