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ByteIOContext Struct Reference

#include <avio.h>

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Detailed Description

Bytestream IO Context. New fields can be added to the end with minor version bumps. Removal, reordering and changes to existing fields require a major version bump. sizeof(ByteIOContext) must not be used outside libav*.

Definition at line 249 of file avio.h.

Public Attributes

unsigned char * buf_end
unsigned char * buf_ptr
unsigned char * buffer
int buffer_size
unsigned long checksum
unsigned char * checksum_ptr
int eof_reached
int error
 contains the error code or 0 if no error happened
int is_streamed
int max_packet_size
int must_flush
void * opaque
int64_t pos
int(* read_packet )(void *opaque, uint8_t *buf, int buf_size)
int(* read_pause )(void *opaque, int pause)
int64_t(* read_seek )(void *opaque, int stream_index, int64_t timestamp, int flags)
int64_t(* seek )(void *opaque, int64_t offset, int whence)
unsigned long(* update_checksum )(unsigned long checksum, const uint8_t *buf, unsigned int size)
int write_flag
int(* write_packet )(void *opaque, uint8_t *buf, int buf_size)

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