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// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.

#include "chrome/installer/util/master_preferences_constants.h"

namespace installer_util {
namespace master_preferences {
  const wchar_t kAltFirstRunBubble[] = L"oem_bubble";
  const wchar_t kAltShortcutText[] = L"alternate_shortcut_text";
  const wchar_t kChromeFrame[] = L"chrome_frame";
  const wchar_t kChromeShortcutIconIndex[] = L"chrome_shortcut_icon_index";
  const wchar_t kCreateAllShortcuts[] = L"create_all_shortcuts";
  const wchar_t kDistroImportBookmarksPref[] = L"import_bookmarks";
  const wchar_t kDistroImportBookmarksFromFilePref[] =
  const wchar_t kDistroImportHistoryPref[] = L"import_history";
  const wchar_t kDistroImportHomePagePref[] = L"import_home_page";
  const wchar_t kDistroImportSearchPref[] = L"import_search_engine";
  const wchar_t kDistroPingDelay[] = L"ping_delay";
  const wchar_t kDistroShowWelcomePage[] = L"show_welcome_page";
  const wchar_t kDistroSkipFirstRunPref[] = L"skip_first_run_ui";
  const wchar_t kDoNotCreateShortcuts[] = L"do_not_create_shortcuts";
  const wchar_t kDoNotLaunchChrome[] = L"do_not_launch_chrome";
  const wchar_t kDoNotRegisterForUpdateLaunch[] =
  const wchar_t kMakeChromeDefault[] = L"make_chrome_default";
  const wchar_t kMakeChromeDefaultForUser[] = L"make_chrome_default_for_user";
  const wchar_t kMsi[] = L"msi";
  const wchar_t kRequireEula[] = L"require_eula";
  const wchar_t kSearchEngineExperimentPref[] = L"search_engine_experiment";
  const wchar_t kSystemLevel[] = L"system_level";
  const wchar_t kVerboseLogging[] = L"verbose_logging";
  const wchar_t kExtensionsBlock[] = L"extensions.settings";

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