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// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.

// This header is meant to be included in multiple passes, hence no traditional
// header guard. It is included by backing_store_messages_internal.h
// See ipc_message_macros.h for explanation of the macros and passes.

// This file needs to be included again, even though we're actually included
// from it via utility_messages.h.
#include "base/shared_memory.h"
#include "gfx/size.h"
#include "ipc/ipc_channel_handle.h"
#include "ipc/ipc_message_macros.h"

// GPU Messages
// These are messages from the browser to the GPU process.

  // Tells the GPU process to create a new channel for communication with a
  // given renderer.  The channel name is returned in a
  // GpuHostMsg_ChannelEstablished message.  The renderer ID is passed so that
  // the GPU process reuses an existing channel to that process if it exists.
  // This ID is a unique opaque identifier generated by the browser process.
                       int /* renderer_id */)

  // Provides a synchronization point to guarantee that the processing of
  // previous asynchronous messages (i.e., GpuMsg_EstablishChannel) has
  // completed. (This message can't be synchronous because the
  // GpuProcessHost uses an IPC::ChannelProxy, which sends all messages
  // asynchronously.) Results in a GpuHostMsg_SynchronizeReply.

                       GpuNativeWindowHandle, /* parent window */
                       int32 /* view_id */)

  // Creates a new backing store.
                      int32, /* backing_store_routing_id */
                      gfx::Size /* size */)

  // Creates a new video layer.
                      int32, /* video_layer_routing_id */
                      gfx::Size /* size */)

  // Updates the backing store with the given bitmap. The GPU process will send
  // back a GpuHostMsg_PaintToBackingStore_ACK after the paint is complete to
  // let the caller know the TransportDIB can be freed or reused.
                      base::ProcessId, /* process */
                      TransportDIB::Id, /* bitmap */
                      gfx::Rect, /* bitmap_rect */
                      std::vector<gfx::Rect>) /* copy_rects */

                      int, /* dx */
                      int, /* dy */
                      gfx::Rect, /* clip_rect */
                      gfx::Size) /* view_size */

  // Tells the GPU process that the RenderWidgetHost has painted the window.
  // Depending on the platform, the accelerated content may need to be painted
  // over the top.

  // Updates the video layer with the given YUV data. The GPU process will send
  // back a GpuHostMsg_PaintToVideoLayer_ACK after the paint is complete to
  // let the caller know the TransportDIB can be freed or reused.
                      base::ProcessId, /* process */
                      TransportDIB::Id, /* bitmap */
                      gfx::Rect) /* bitmap_rect */


// GPU Host Messages
// These are messages from the GPU process to the browser.

  // This message is sent in response to BackingStoreMsg_New to tell the host
  // about the child window that was just created.

  // Sent in response to GpuMsg_PaintToBackingStore, see that for more.

  // Sent in response to GpuMsg_PaintToVideoLayer, see that for more.

  // Response to a GpuHostMsg_EstablishChannel message.
                       IPC::ChannelHandle /* channel_handle */)

  // Response to a GpuMsg_Synchronize message.


// GPU Channel Messages
// These are messages from a renderer process to the GPU process.

  // Tells the GPU process to create a new command buffer that renders directly
  // to a native view. A corresponding GpuCommandBufferStub is created.
                              gfx::NativeViewId, /* view */
                              int32 /* route_id */)

  // Tells the GPU process to create a new command buffer that renders to an
  // offscreen frame buffer. If parent_route_id is not zero, the texture backing
  // the frame buffer is mapped into the corresponding parent command buffer's
  // namespace, with the name of parent_texture_id. This ID is in the parent's
  // namespace.
                              int32, /* parent_route_id */
                              gfx::Size, /* size */
                              uint32, /* parent_texture_id */
                              int32 /* route_id */)

  // The CommandBufferProxy sends this to the GpuCommandBufferStub in its
  // destructor, so that the stub deletes the actual WebPluginDelegateImpl
  // object that it's hosting.
  // TODO(apatrick): Implement this.
                       int32 /* instance_id */)


// GPU Command Buffer Messages
// These are messages from a renderer process to the GPU process relating to a
// single OpenGL context.
  // Initialize a command buffer with the given number of command entries.
  // Returns the shared memory handle for the command buffer mapped to the
  // calling process.
                             int32 /* size */,
                             base::SharedMemoryHandle /* ring_buffer */)

  // Get the current state of the command buffer.
                             gpu::CommandBuffer::State /* state */)

  // Get the current state of the command buffer asynchronously. State is
  // returned via UpdateState message.

  // Synchronize the put and get offsets of both processes. Caller passes its
  // current put offset. Current state (including get offset) is returned.
                             int32 /* put_offset */,
                             gpu::CommandBuffer::State /* state */)

  // Asynchronously synchronize the put and get offsets of both processes.
  // Caller passes its current put offset. Current state (including get offset)
  // is returned via an UpdateState message.
                      int32 /* put_offset */)

  // Return the current state of the command buffer following a request via
  // an AsyncGetState or AsyncFlush message.
                      gpu::CommandBuffer::State /* state */)

  // Create a shared memory transfer buffer. Returns an id that can be used to
  // identify the transfer buffer from a comment.
                             int32 /* size */,
                             int32 /* id */)

  // Destroy a previously created transfer buffer.
                             int32 /* id */)

  // Get the shared memory handle for a transfer buffer mapped to the callers
  // process.
                             int32 /* id */,
                             base::SharedMemoryHandle /* transfer_buffer */,
                             uint32 /* size */)

  // Send from command buffer stub to proxy when window is invalid and must be
  // repainted.

  // Tells the GPU process to resize an offscreen frame buffer.
                      gfx::Size /* size */)

#if defined(OS_MACOSX)
  // On Mac OS X the GPU plugin must be offscreen, because there is no
  // true cross-process window hierarchy. For this reason we must send
  // resize events explicitly to the command buffer stub so it can
  // reallocate its backing store and send the new one back to the
  // browser. This message is currently used only on 10.6 and later.
                      gfx::Size /* size */)


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