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// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.

#include "chrome/browser/views/frame/browser_frame_win.h"

#include <dwmapi.h>
#include <shellapi.h>

#include <set>

#include "app/resource_bundle.h"
#include "app/theme_provider.h"
#include "app/win_util.h"
#include "chrome/browser/profile.h"
#include "chrome/browser/browser_list.h"
#include "chrome/browser/browser_theme_provider.h"
#include "chrome/browser/views/frame/app_panel_browser_frame_view.h"
#include "chrome/browser/views/frame/browser_non_client_frame_view.h"
#include "chrome/browser/views/frame/browser_root_view.h"
#include "chrome/browser/views/frame/browser_view.h"
#include "chrome/browser/views/frame/glass_browser_frame_view.h"
#include "chrome/browser/views/frame/opaque_browser_frame_view.h"
#include "grit/theme_resources.h"
#include "views/screen.h"
#include "views/window/window_delegate.h"

// static
static const int kClientEdgeThickness = 3;
static const int kTabDragWindowAlpha = 200;

// static (Factory method.)
BrowserFrame* BrowserFrame::Create(BrowserView* browser_view,
                                   Profile* profile) {
  BrowserFrameWin* frame = new BrowserFrameWin(browser_view, profile);
  return frame;

// static
const gfx::Font& BrowserFrame::GetTitleFont() {
  static gfx::Font* title_font = new gfx::Font(win_util::GetWindowTitleFont());
  return *title_font;

// BrowserFrame, public:

BrowserFrameWin::BrowserFrameWin(BrowserView* browser_view, Profile* profile)
    : WindowWin(browser_view),
      profile_(profile) {
  // Don't focus anything on creation, selecting a tab will set the focus.

void BrowserFrameWin::Init() {
  WindowWin::Init(NULL, gfx::Rect());

BrowserFrameWin::~BrowserFrameWin() {

views::Window* BrowserFrameWin::GetWindow() {
  return this;

void BrowserFrameWin::TabStripCreated(BaseTabStrip* tabstrip) {

int BrowserFrameWin::GetMinimizeButtonOffset() const {
  TITLEBARINFOEX titlebar_info;
  titlebar_info.cbSize = sizeof(TITLEBARINFOEX);
  SendMessage(GetNativeView(), WM_GETTITLEBARINFOEX, 0, (WPARAM)&titlebar_info);

  CPoint minimize_button_corner(titlebar_info.rgrect[2].left,
  MapWindowPoints(HWND_DESKTOP, GetNativeView(), &minimize_button_corner, 1);

  return minimize_button_corner.x;

gfx::Rect BrowserFrameWin::GetBoundsForTabStrip(BaseTabStrip* tabstrip) const {
  return browser_frame_view_->GetBoundsForTabStrip(tabstrip);

void BrowserFrameWin::UpdateThrobber(bool running) {

void BrowserFrameWin::ContinueDraggingDetachedTab() {
  // Send the message directly, so that the window is positioned appropriately.
  SendMessage(GetNativeWindow(), WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN, HTCAPTION, MAKELPARAM(0, 0));

ThemeProvider* BrowserFrameWin::GetThemeProviderForFrame() const {
  // This is implemented for a different interface than GetThemeProvider is,
  // but they mean the same things.
  return GetThemeProvider();

bool BrowserFrameWin::AlwaysUseNativeFrame() const {
  // App panel windows draw their own frame.
  if (browser_view_->IsBrowserTypePanel())
    return false;

  // We don't theme popup or app windows, so regardless of whether or not a
  // theme is active for normal browser windows, we don't want to use the custom
  // frame for popups/apps.
  if (!browser_view_->IsBrowserTypeNormal() && win_util::ShouldUseVistaFrame())
    return true;

  // Otherwise, we use the native frame when we're told we should by the theme
  // provider (e.g. no custom theme is active).
  return GetThemeProvider()->ShouldUseNativeFrame();

views::View* BrowserFrameWin::GetFrameView() const {
  return browser_frame_view_;

void BrowserFrameWin::PaintTabStripShadow(gfx::Canvas* canvas) {

// BrowserFrame, views::WindowWin overrides:

gfx::Insets BrowserFrameWin::GetClientAreaInsets() const {
  // Use the default client insets for an opaque frame or a glass popup/app
  // frame.
  if (!GetNonClientView()->UseNativeFrame() ||
      !browser_view_->IsBrowserTypeNormal()) {
    return WindowWin::GetClientAreaInsets();

  int border_thickness = GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSIZEFRAME);
  // In fullscreen mode, we have no frame. In restored mode, we draw our own
  // client edge over part of the default frame.
  if (IsFullscreen())
    border_thickness = 0;
  else if (!IsMaximized())
    border_thickness -= kClientEdgeThickness;
  return gfx::Insets(0, border_thickness, border_thickness, border_thickness);

bool BrowserFrameWin::GetAccelerator(int cmd_id,
                                     menus::Accelerator* accelerator) {
  return browser_view_->GetAccelerator(cmd_id, accelerator);

void BrowserFrameWin::OnEndSession(BOOL ending, UINT logoff) {

void BrowserFrameWin::OnEnterSizeMove() {

void BrowserFrameWin::OnExitSizeMove() {

void BrowserFrameWin::OnInitMenuPopup(HMENU menu, UINT position,
                                      BOOL is_system_menu) {

LRESULT BrowserFrameWin::OnMouseActivate(HWND window, UINT hittest_code,
                                         UINT message) {
  return browser_view_->ActivateAppModalDialog() ? MA_NOACTIVATEANDEAT
                                                 : MA_ACTIVATE;

void BrowserFrameWin::OnMove(const CPoint& point) {

void BrowserFrameWin::OnMoving(UINT param, LPRECT new_bounds) {

LRESULT BrowserFrameWin::OnNCActivate(BOOL active) {
  if (browser_view_->ActivateAppModalDialog())
    return TRUE;

  return WindowWin::OnNCActivate(active);

LRESULT BrowserFrameWin::OnNCHitTest(const CPoint& pt) {
  // Only do DWM hit-testing when we are using the native frame.
  if (GetNonClientView()->UseNativeFrame()) {
    LRESULT result;
    if (DwmDefWindowProc(GetNativeView(), WM_NCHITTEST, 0,
                         MAKELPARAM(pt.x, pt.y), &result)) {
      return result;
  return WindowWin::OnNCHitTest(pt);

void BrowserFrameWin::OnWindowPosChanged(WINDOWPOS* window_pos) {
  // Windows lies to us about the position of the minimize button before a
  // window is visible. We use the position of the minimize button to place the
  // distributor logo in official builds. When the window is shown, we need to
  // re-layout and schedule a paint for the non-client frame view so that the
  // distributor logo has the correct position when the window becomes visible.
  // This fixes bugs where the distributor logo appears to overlay the minimize
  // button. http://crbug.com/15520
  // Note that we will call Layout every time SetWindowPos is called with
  // SWP_SHOWWINDOW, however callers typically are careful about not specifying
  // this flag unless necessary to avoid flicker.
  if (window_pos->flags & SWP_SHOWWINDOW) {


  // Let the default window procedure handle - IMPORTANT!

ThemeProvider* BrowserFrameWin::GetThemeProvider() const {
  return profile_->GetThemeProvider();

ThemeProvider* BrowserFrameWin::GetDefaultThemeProvider() const {
  return profile_->GetThemeProvider();

// BrowserFrame, views::CustomFrameWindow overrides:

int BrowserFrameWin::GetShowState() const {
  return browser_view_->GetShowState();

void BrowserFrameWin::Activate() {
  // When running under remote desktop, if the remote desktop client is not
  // active on the users desktop, then none of the windows contained in the
  // remote desktop will be activated.  However, WindowWin::Activate will still
  // bring this browser window to the foreground.  We explicitly set ourselves
  // as the last active browser window to ensure that we get treated as such by
  // the rest of Chrome.


views::NonClientFrameView* BrowserFrameWin::CreateFrameViewForWindow() {
  if (AlwaysUseNativeFrame())
    browser_frame_view_ = new GlassBrowserFrameView(this, browser_view_);
  else if (browser_view_->IsBrowserTypePanel())
    browser_frame_view_ = new AppPanelBrowserFrameView(this, browser_view_);
    browser_frame_view_ = new OpaqueBrowserFrameView(this, browser_view_);
  return browser_frame_view_;

void BrowserFrameWin::UpdateFrameAfterFrameChange() {
  // We need to update the glass region on or off before the base class adjusts
  // the window region.

views::RootView* BrowserFrameWin::CreateRootView() {
  root_view_ = new BrowserRootView(browser_view_, this);
  return root_view_;

// BrowserFrame, private:

void BrowserFrameWin::UpdateDWMFrame() {
  // Nothing to do yet, or we're not showing a DWM frame.
  if (!GetClientView() || !AlwaysUseNativeFrame())

  MARGINS margins = { 0 };
  if (browser_view_->IsBrowserTypeNormal()) {
    // In fullscreen mode, we don't extend glass into the client area at all,
    // because the GDI-drawn text in the web content composited over it will
    // become semi-transparent over any glass area.
    if (!IsMaximized() && !IsFullscreen()) {
      margins.cxLeftWidth = kClientEdgeThickness + 1;
      margins.cxRightWidth = kClientEdgeThickness + 1;
      margins.cyBottomHeight = kClientEdgeThickness + 1;
      margins.cyTopHeight = kClientEdgeThickness + 1;
    // In maximized mode, we only have a titlebar strip of glass, no side/bottom
    // borders.
    if (!browser_view_->IsFullscreen()) {
      if (browser_view_->UsingSideTabs()) {
        margins.cxLeftWidth +=
        margins.cyTopHeight += GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYSIZEFRAME);
      } else {
        margins.cyTopHeight =
  } else {
    // For popup and app windows we want to use the default margins.
  DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea(GetNativeView(), &margins);

  DWORD window_style = GetWindowLong(GWL_STYLE);
  if (browser_view_->UsingSideTabs()) {
    if (window_style & WS_CAPTION)
      SetWindowLong(GWL_STYLE, window_style & ~WS_CAPTION);
  } else {
    if (!(window_style & WS_CAPTION))
      SetWindowLong(GWL_STYLE, window_style | WS_CAPTION);

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