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// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.


#include <string>

#include "chrome/browser/extensions/extension_function_dispatcher.h"
#include "chrome/browser/notifications/balloon.h"
#include "chrome/browser/notifications/notification.h"
#include "chrome/browser/renderer_host/render_view_host_delegate.h"
#include "chrome/browser/renderer_host/site_instance.h"
#include "chrome/browser/tab_contents/render_view_host_delegate_helper.h"
#include "chrome/common/renderer_preferences.h"
#include "webkit/glue/webpreferences.h"

class Browser;
class Profile;

class BalloonHost : public RenderViewHostDelegate,
                    public RenderViewHostDelegate::View,
                    public ExtensionFunctionDispatcher::Delegate {
  explicit BalloonHost(Balloon* balloon);

  // Initialize the view.
  void Init();

  // Stops showing the balloon.
  void Shutdown();

  // ExtensionFunctionDispatcher::Delegate overrides.
  virtual Browser* GetBrowser() const {
    // Notifications aren't associated with a particular browser.
    return NULL;
  virtual gfx::NativeView GetNativeViewOfHost() {
    // TODO(aa): Should this return the native view of the BalloonView*?
    return NULL;

  RenderViewHost* render_view_host() const { return render_view_host_; }

  std::wstring GetSource() const {
    return balloon_->notification().display_source();

  // RenderViewHostDelegate overrides.
  virtual WebPreferences GetWebkitPrefs();
  virtual SiteInstance* GetSiteInstance() const {
    return site_instance_.get();
  virtual Profile* GetProfile() const { return balloon_->profile(); }
  virtual const GURL& GetURL() const {
    return balloon_->notification().content_url();
  virtual void Close(RenderViewHost* render_view_host);
  virtual void RenderViewCreated(RenderViewHost* render_view_host);
  virtual void RenderViewReady(RenderViewHost* render_view_host);
  virtual void RenderViewGone(RenderViewHost* render_view_host);
  virtual void UpdateTitle(RenderViewHost* render_view_host,
                           int32 page_id, const std::wstring& title) {}
  virtual int GetBrowserWindowID() const { return -1; }
  virtual ViewType::Type GetRenderViewType() const {
    return ViewType::NOTIFICATION;
  virtual RenderViewHostDelegate::View* GetViewDelegate() {
    return this;
  virtual void ProcessDOMUIMessage(const std::string& message,
                                   const Value* content,
                                   const GURL& source_url,
                                   int request_id,
                                   bool has_callback);

  // RenderViewHostDelegate::View methods. Only the ones for opening new
  // windows are currently implemented.
  virtual void CreateNewWindow(int route_id);
  virtual void CreateNewWidget(int route_id, WebKit::WebPopupType popup_type) {}
  virtual void ShowCreatedWindow(int route_id,
                                 WindowOpenDisposition disposition,
                                 const gfx::Rect& initial_pos,
                                 bool user_gesture);
  virtual void ShowCreatedWidget(int route_id,
                                 const gfx::Rect& initial_pos) {}
  virtual void ShowContextMenu(const ContextMenuParams& params) {}
  virtual void StartDragging(const WebDropData& drop_data,
                             WebKit::WebDragOperationsMask allowed_ops) {}
  virtual void StartDragging(const WebDropData&,
                             const SkBitmap&,
                             const gfx::Point&) {}
  virtual void UpdateDragCursor(WebKit::WebDragOperation operation) {}
  virtual void GotFocus() {}
  virtual void TakeFocus(bool reverse) {}
  virtual bool PreHandleKeyboardEvent(const NativeWebKeyboardEvent& event,
                                      bool* is_keyboard_shortcut) {
    return false;
  virtual void HandleKeyboardEvent(const NativeWebKeyboardEvent& event) {}
  virtual void HandleMouseEvent() {}
  virtual void HandleMouseLeave() {}
  virtual void UpdatePreferredSize(const gfx::Size& pref_size);
  virtual RendererPreferences GetRendererPrefs(Profile* profile) const {
    return RendererPreferences();

  // Must override in platform specific implementations.
  virtual void InitRenderWidgetHostView() = 0;
  virtual RenderWidgetHostView* render_widget_host_view() const = 0;

  // Owned pointer to the host for the renderer process.
  RenderViewHost* render_view_host_;

  const Balloon* balloon() const { return balloon_; }

  // Called to send an event that the balloon has been disconnected from
  // a renderer (if should_notify_on_disconnect_ is true).
  void NotifyDisconnect();

  // Non-owned pointer to the associated balloon.
  Balloon* balloon_;

  // True after Init() has completed.
  bool initialized_;

  // Indicates whether we should notify about disconnection of this balloon.
  // This is used to ensure disconnection notifications only happen if
  // a connection notification has happened and that they happen only once.
  bool should_notify_on_disconnect_;

  // Site instance for the balloon/profile, to be used for opening new links.
  scoped_refptr<SiteInstance> site_instance_;

  // Common implementations of some RenderViewHostDelegate::View methods.
  RenderViewHostDelegateViewHelper delegate_view_helper_;

  // Handles requests to extension APIs. Will only be non-NULL if we are
  // rendering a page from an extension.
  scoped_ptr<ExtensionFunctionDispatcher> extension_function_dispatcher_;


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