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// Copyright (c) 2006-2008 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.

// This implements a browser-side endpoint for UI automation activity.
// The client-side endpoint is implemented by AutomationProxy.
// The entire lifetime of this object should be contained within that of
// the BrowserProcess, and in particular the NotificationService that's
// hung off of it.


#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>

#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "base/values.h"
#include "chrome/browser/automation/automation_autocomplete_edit_tracker.h"
#include "chrome/browser/automation/automation_browser_tracker.h"
#include "chrome/browser/automation/automation_resource_message_filter.h"
#include "chrome/browser/automation/automation_tab_tracker.h"
#include "chrome/browser/automation/automation_window_tracker.h"
#include "chrome/browser/browser_list.h"
#include "chrome/browser/history/history.h"
#include "chrome/browser/tab_contents/navigation_entry.h"
#include "chrome/common/content_settings.h"
#include "chrome/common/notification_registrar.h"
#include "chrome/test/automation/automation_constants.h"
#include "ipc/ipc_message.h"
#include "ipc/ipc_channel.h"
#if defined(OS_WIN)
#include "views/event.h"
#endif  // defined(OS_WIN)

struct AutomationMsg_Find_Params;
class PopupMenuWaiter;

namespace IPC {
struct Reposition_Params;
struct ExternalTabSettings;

class AutomationExtensionTracker;
class Extension;
class ExtensionPortContainer;
class ExtensionTestResultNotificationObserver;
class ExternalTabContainer;
class LoginHandler;
class MetricEventDurationObserver;
class NavigationControllerRestoredObserver;
struct AutocompleteMatchData;

namespace gfx {
class Point;

class AutomationProvider : public base::RefCounted<AutomationProvider>,
                           public IPC::Channel::Listener,
                           public IPC::Message::Sender {
  explicit AutomationProvider(Profile* profile);

  Profile* profile() const { return profile_; }

  // Establishes a connection to an automation client, if present.
  // An AutomationProxy should be established (probably in a different process)
  // before calling this.
  void ConnectToChannel(const std::string& channel_id);

  // Sets the number of tabs that we expect; when this number of tabs has
  // loaded, an AutomationMsg_InitialLoadsComplete message is sent.
  void SetExpectedTabCount(size_t expected_tabs);

  // Add a listener for navigation status notification. Currently only
  // navigation completion is observed; when the |number_of_navigations|
  // complete, the completed_response object is sent; if the server requires
  // authentication, we instead send the auth_needed_response object.  A pointer
  // to the added navigation observer is returned. This object should NOT be
  // deleted and should be released by calling the corresponding
  // RemoveNavigationStatusListener method.
  NotificationObserver* AddNavigationStatusListener(
      NavigationController* tab, IPC::Message* reply_message,
      int number_of_navigations, bool include_current_navigation);

  void RemoveNavigationStatusListener(NotificationObserver* obs);

  // Add an observer for the TabStrip. Currently only Tab append is observed. A
  // navigation listener is created on successful notification of tab append. A
  // pointer to the added navigation observer is returned. This object should
  // NOT be deleted and should be released by calling the corresponding
  // RemoveTabStripObserver method.
  NotificationObserver* AddTabStripObserver(Browser* parent,
                                            IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void RemoveTabStripObserver(NotificationObserver* obs);

  // Get the index of a particular NavigationController object
  // in the given parent window.  This method uses
  // TabStrip::GetIndexForNavigationController to get the index.
  int GetIndexForNavigationController(const NavigationController* controller,
                                      const Browser* parent) const;

  // Add or remove a non-owning reference to a tab's LoginHandler.  This is for
  // when a login prompt is shown for HTTP/FTP authentication.
  // TODO(mpcomplete): The login handling is a fairly special purpose feature.
  // Eventually we'll probably want ways to interact with the ChromeView of the
  // login window in a generic manner, such that it can be used for anything,
  // not just logins.
  void AddLoginHandler(NavigationController* tab, LoginHandler* handler);
  void RemoveLoginHandler(NavigationController* tab);

  // Add an extension port container.
  // Takes ownership of the container.
  void AddPortContainer(ExtensionPortContainer* port);
  // Remove and delete the port container.
  void RemovePortContainer(ExtensionPortContainer* port);
  // Get the port container for the given port id.
  ExtensionPortContainer* GetPortContainer(int port_id) const;

  // IPC implementations
  virtual bool Send(IPC::Message* msg);
  virtual void OnMessageReceived(const IPC::Message& msg);
  virtual void OnChannelError();

  // Received response from inspector controller
  void ReceivedInspectElementResponse(int num_resources);

  IPC::Message* reply_message_release() {
    IPC::Message* reply_message = reply_message_;
    reply_message_ = NULL;
    return reply_message;

  // Adds the extension passed in to the extension tracker, and returns
  // the associated handle. If the tracker already contains the extension,
  // the handle is simply returned.
  int AddExtension(Extension* extension);

  // Adds the external tab passed in to the tab tracker.
  bool AddExternalTab(ExternalTabContainer* external_tab);

  friend class base::RefCounted<AutomationProvider>;
  friend class PopupMenuWaiter;
  virtual ~AutomationProvider();

  // IPC Message callbacks.
  void CloseBrowser(int handle, IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void CloseBrowserAsync(int browser_handle);
  void ActivateTab(int handle, int at_index, int* status);
  void AppendTab(int handle, const GURL& url, IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void CloseTab(int tab_handle, bool wait_until_closed,
                IPC::Message* reply_message);

  void GetActiveTabIndex(int handle, int* active_tab_index);
  void GetCookies(const GURL& url, int handle, int* value_size,
                  std::string* value);
  void SetCookie(const GURL& url,
                 const std::string value,
                 int handle,
                 int* response_value);
  void GetBrowserWindowCount(int* window_count);
  void GetBrowserLocale(string16* locale);
  void GetNormalBrowserWindowCount(int* window_count);
  void GetShowingAppModalDialog(bool* showing_dialog, int* dialog_button);
  void ClickAppModalDialogButton(int button, bool* success);
  void ShutdownSessionService(int handle, bool* result);
  // Be aware that the browser window returned might be of non TYPE_NORMAL
  // or in incognito mode.
  void GetBrowserWindow(int index, int* handle);
  void FindNormalBrowserWindow(int* handle);
  void GetLastActiveBrowserWindow(int* handle);
  void GetActiveWindow(int* handle);
  void ExecuteBrowserCommandAsync(int handle, int command, bool* success);
  void ExecuteBrowserCommand(int handle, int command,
                             IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void TerminateSession(int handle, bool* success);
  void WindowGetViewBounds(int handle, int view_id, bool screen_coordinates,
                           bool* success, gfx::Rect* bounds);
  void WindowSimulateDrag(int handle,
                          std::vector<gfx::Point> drag_path,
                          int flags,
                          bool press_escape_en_route,
                          IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void WindowSimulateClick(const IPC::Message& message,
                           int handle,
                           const gfx::Point& click,
                           int flags);
  void WindowSimulateMouseMove(const IPC::Message& message,
                               int handle,
                               const gfx::Point& location);
  void WindowSimulateKeyPress(const IPC::Message& message,
                              int handle,
                              int key,
                              int flags);
  void GetWindowBounds(int handle, gfx::Rect* bounds, bool* result);
  void SetWindowBounds(int handle, const gfx::Rect& bounds, bool* result);
  void SetWindowVisible(int handle, bool visible, bool* result);
  void IsWindowActive(int handle, bool* success, bool* is_active);
  void ActivateWindow(int handle);
  void IsWindowMaximized(int handle, bool* is_maximized, bool* success);

  void GetTabCount(int handle, int* tab_count);
  void GetType(int handle, int* type_as_int);
  void GetTab(int win_handle, int tab_index, int* tab_handle);
#if defined(OS_WIN)
  // TODO(port): Replace HWND.
  void GetTabHWND(int handle, HWND* tab_hwnd);
#endif  // defined(OS_WIN)
  void GetTabProcessID(int handle, int* process_id);
  void GetTabTitle(int handle, int* title_string_size, std::wstring* title);
  void GetTabIndex(int handle, int* tabstrip_index);
  void GetTabURL(int handle, bool* success, GURL* url);
  void HandleUnused(const IPC::Message& message, int handle);
  void NavigateToURL(int handle, const GURL& url, IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void NavigateToURLBlockUntilNavigationsComplete(int handle, const GURL& url,
                                                  int number_of_navigations,
                                                  IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void NavigationAsync(int handle, const GURL& url, bool* status);
  void GoBack(int handle, IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void GoForward(int handle, IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void Reload(int handle, IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void SetAuth(int tab_handle, const std::wstring& username,
               const std::wstring& password, IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void CancelAuth(int tab_handle, IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void NeedsAuth(int tab_handle, bool* needs_auth);
  void GetRedirectsFrom(int tab_handle,
                        const GURL& source_url,
                        IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void ExecuteJavascript(int handle,
                         const std::wstring& frame_xpath,
                         const std::wstring& script,
                         IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void GetShelfVisibility(int handle, bool* visible);
  void SetShelfVisibility(int handle, bool visible);
  void SetFilteredInet(const IPC::Message& message, bool enabled);
  void GetFilteredInetHitCount(int* hit_count);
  void SetProxyConfig(const std::string& new_proxy_config);
  void IsFullscreen(int handle, bool* is_fullscreen);
  void GetFullscreenBubbleVisibility(int handle, bool* is_visible);
#if defined(OS_WIN)
  void OnBrowserMoved(int handle);
  void SetContentSetting(int handle,
                         const std::string& host,
                         ContentSettingsType content_type,
                         ContentSetting setting,
                         bool* success);

#if defined(OS_WIN)
  void ScheduleMouseEvent(views::View* view,
                          views::Event::EventType type,
                          const gfx::Point& point,
                          int flags);
#endif  // defined(OS_WIN)

  void GetFocusedViewID(int handle, int* view_id);

  // Helper function to find the browser window that contains a given
  // NavigationController and activate that tab.
  // Returns the Browser if found.
  Browser* FindAndActivateTab(NavigationController* contents);

  // Deprecated.
  void ApplyAccelerator(int handle, int id);

  void GetConstrainedWindowCount(int handle, int* count);

  // This function has been deprecated, please use HandleFindRequest.
  void HandleFindInPageRequest(int handle,
                               const std::wstring& find_request,
                               int forward,
                               int match_case,
                               int* active_ordinal,
                               int* matches_found);

  // Responds to the FindInPage request, retrieves the search query parameters,
  // launches an observer to listen for results and issues a StartFind request.
  void HandleFindRequest(int handle,
                         const AutomationMsg_Find_Params& params,
                         IPC::Message* reply_message);

  // Responds to requests to open the FindInPage window.
  void HandleOpenFindInPageRequest(const IPC::Message& message,
                                   int handle);

  // Get the visibility state of the Find window.
  void GetFindWindowVisibility(int handle, bool* visible);

  // Responds to requests to find the location of the Find window.
  void HandleFindWindowLocationRequest(int handle, int* x, int* y);

  // Get the visibility state of the Bookmark bar.
  void GetBookmarkBarVisibility(int handle, bool* visible, bool* animating);

  // Get the bookmarks as a JSON string.
  void GetBookmarksAsJSON(int handle, std::string* bookmarks_as_json,
                          bool *success);

  // Wait for the bookmark model to load.
  void WaitForBookmarkModelToLoad(int handle, IPC::Message* reply_message);

  // Set |loaded| to true if the bookmark model has loaded, else false.
  void BookmarkModelHasLoaded(int handle, bool* loaded);

  // Editing, modification, and removal of bookmarks.
  // Bookmarks are referenced by id.
  void AddBookmarkGroup(int handle,
                        int64 parent_id, int index, std::wstring title,
                        bool* success);
  void AddBookmarkURL(int handle,
                      int64 parent_id, int index,
                      std::wstring title, const GURL& url,
                      bool* success);
  void ReparentBookmark(int handle,
                        int64 id, int64 new_parent_id, int index,
                        bool* success);
  void SetBookmarkTitle(int handle,
                        int64 id, std::wstring title,
                        bool* success);
  void SetBookmarkURL(int handle,
                      int64 id, const GURL& url,
                      bool* success);
  void RemoveBookmark(int handle,
                      int64 id,
                      bool* success);

  // Wait for all downloads to complete.
  void WaitForDownloadsToComplete(
      DictionaryValue* args,
      IPC::Message* reply_message);

  // Generic pattern for pyautolib
  void SendJSONRequest(int handle,
                       std::string json_request,
                       IPC::Message* reply_message);

  // Responds to InspectElement request
  void HandleInspectElementRequest(int handle,
                                   int x,
                                   int y,
                                   IPC::Message* reply_message);

  void GetDownloadDirectory(int handle, FilePath* download_directory);

  // Retrieves a Browser from a Window and vice-versa.
  void GetWindowForBrowser(int window_handle, bool* success, int* handle);
  void GetBrowserForWindow(int window_handle, bool* success,
                           int* browser_handle);

  void GetAutocompleteEditForBrowser(int browser_handle, bool* success,
                                     int* autocomplete_edit_handle);

  // If |show| is true, call Show() on the new window after creating it.
  void OpenNewBrowserWindow(bool show, IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void OpenNewBrowserWindowOfType(int type,
                                  bool show,
                                  IPC::Message* reply_message);

  void ShowInterstitialPage(int tab_handle,
                            const std::string& html_text,
                            IPC::Message* reply_message);
  void HideInterstitialPage(int tab_handle, bool* success);

  void CreateExternalTab(const IPC::ExternalTabSettings& settings,
                         gfx::NativeWindow* tab_container_window,
                         gfx::NativeWindow* tab_window,
                         int* tab_handle);

  void ConnectExternalTab(uint64 cookie,
                          bool allow,
                          gfx::NativeWindow* tab_container_window,
                          gfx::NativeWindow* tab_window,
                          int* tab_handle);

  void OnSetPageFontSize(int tab_handle, int font_size);

  // See browsing_data_remover.h for explanation of bitmap fields.
  void RemoveBrowsingData(int remove_mask);

  void InstallExtension(const FilePath& crx_path,
                        IPC::Message* reply_message);

  void LoadExpandedExtension(const FilePath& extension_dir,
                             IPC::Message* reply_message);

  void GetEnabledExtensions(std::vector<FilePath>* result);

  void WaitForExtensionTestResult(IPC::Message* reply_message);

  void InstallExtensionAndGetHandle(const FilePath& crx_path,
                                    IPC::Message* reply_message);

  void UninstallExtension(int extension_handle,
                          bool* success);

  void ReloadExtension(int extension_handle,
                       IPC::Message* reply_message);

  void EnableExtension(int extension_handle,
                       IPC::Message* reply_message);

  void DisableExtension(int extension_handle,
                        bool* success);

  void ExecuteExtensionActionInActiveTabAsync(int extension_handle,
                                              int browser_handle,
                                              IPC::Message* reply_message);

  void MoveExtensionBrowserAction(int extension_handle, int index,
                                  bool* success);

  void GetExtensionProperty(int extension_handle,
                            AutomationMsg_ExtensionProperty type,
                            bool* success,
                            std::string* value);

  void NavigateInExternalTab(
      int handle, const GURL& url, const GURL& referrer,
      AutomationMsg_NavigationResponseValues* status);
  void NavigateExternalTabAtIndex(
      int handle, int index, AutomationMsg_NavigationResponseValues* status);

// TODO(port): remove windowisms.
#if defined(OS_WIN)
  // The container of an externally hosted tab calls this to reflect any
  // accelerator keys that it did not process. This gives the tab a chance
  // to handle the keys
  void ProcessUnhandledAccelerator(const IPC::Message& message, int handle,
                                   const MSG& msg);

  void SetInitialFocus(const IPC::Message& message, int handle, bool reverse,
                       bool restore_focus_to_view);

  // See comment in AutomationMsg_WaitForTabToBeRestored.
  void WaitForTabToBeRestored(int tab_handle, IPC::Message* reply_message);

// TODO(port): remove windowisms.
#if defined(OS_WIN)
  void OnTabReposition(int tab_handle,
                       const IPC::Reposition_Params& params);
  void OnForwardContextMenuCommandToChrome(int tab_handle, int command);
#endif  // defined(OS_WIN)

  // Gets the security state for the tab associated to the specified |handle|.
  void GetSecurityState(int handle, bool* success,
                        SecurityStyle* security_style, int* ssl_cert_status,
                        int* mixed_content_status);

  // Gets the page type for the tab associated to the specified |handle|.
  void GetPageType(int handle, bool* success,
                   NavigationEntry::PageType* page_type);

  // Gets the duration in ms of the last event matching |event_name|.
  // |duration_ms| is -1 if the event hasn't occurred yet.
  void GetMetricEventDuration(const std::string& event_name, int* duration_ms);

  // Simulates an action on the SSL blocking page at the tab specified by
  // |handle|. If |proceed| is true, it is equivalent to the user pressing the
  // 'Proceed' button, if false the 'Get me out of there button'.
  // Not that this fails if the tab is not displaying a SSL blocking page.
  void ActionOnSSLBlockingPage(int handle,
                               bool proceed,
                               IPC::Message* reply_message);

  // Brings the browser window to the front and activates it.
  void BringBrowserToFront(int browser_handle, bool* success);

  // Checks to see if a command on the browser's CommandController is enabled.
  void IsPageMenuCommandEnabled(int browser_handle,
                                int message_num,
                                bool* menu_item_enabled);

  // Prints the current tab immediately.
  void PrintNow(int tab_handle, IPC::Message* reply_message);

  // Asynchronous request for printing the current tab.
  void PrintAsync(int tab_handle);

  // Save the current web page.
  void SavePage(int tab_handle,
                const FilePath& file_name,
                const FilePath& dir_path,
                int type,
                bool* success);

  // Retrieves the visible text from the autocomplete edit.
  void GetAutocompleteEditText(int autocomplete_edit_handle,
                               bool* success, std::wstring* text);

  // Sets the visible text from the autocomplete edit.
  void SetAutocompleteEditText(int autocomplete_edit_handle,
                               const std::wstring& text,
                               bool* success);

  // Retrieves if a query to an autocomplete provider is in progress.
  void AutocompleteEditIsQueryInProgress(int autocomplete_edit_handle,
                                         bool* success,
                                         bool* query_in_progress);

  // Retrieves the individual autocomplete matches displayed by the popup.
  void AutocompleteEditGetMatches(int autocomplete_edit_handle,
                                  bool* success,
                                  std::vector<AutocompleteMatchData>* matches);

  // Handler for a message sent by the automation client.
  void OnMessageFromExternalHost(int handle, const std::string& message,
                                 const std::string& origin,
                                 const std::string& target);

  // Retrieves the number of info-bars currently showing in |count|.
  void GetInfoBarCount(int handle, int* count);

  // Causes a click on the "accept" button of the info-bar at |info_bar_index|.
  // If |wait_for_navigation| is true, it sends the reply after a navigation has
  // occurred.
  void ClickInfoBarAccept(int handle, int info_bar_index,
                          bool wait_for_navigation,
                          IPC::Message* reply_message);

  // Retrieves the last time a navigation occurred for the tab.
  void GetLastNavigationTime(int handle, int64* last_navigation_time);

  // Waits for a new navigation in the tab if none has happened since
  // |last_navigation_time|.
  void WaitForNavigation(int handle,
                         int64 last_navigation_time,
                         IPC::Message* reply_message);

  // Sets the int value for preference with name |name|.
  void SetIntPreference(int handle,
                        const std::wstring& name,
                        int value,
                        bool* success);

  // Sets the string value for preference with name |name|.
  void SetStringPreference(int handle,
                           const std::wstring& name,
                           const std::wstring& value,
                           bool* success);

  // Gets the bool value for preference with name |name|.
  void GetBooleanPreference(int handle,
                            const std::wstring& name,
                            bool* success,
                            bool* value);

  // Sets the bool value for preference with name |name|.
  void SetBooleanPreference(int handle,
                            const std::wstring& name,
                            bool value,
                            bool* success);

  // Gets the current used encoding name of the page in the specified tab.
  void GetPageCurrentEncoding(int tab_handle, std::string* current_encoding);

  // Uses the specified encoding to override the encoding of the page in the
  // specified tab.
  void OverrideEncoding(int tab_handle,
                        const std::string& encoding_name,
                        bool* success);

  void SavePackageShouldPromptUser(bool should_prompt);

  // Enables extension automation (for e.g. UITests).
  void SetEnableExtensionAutomation(
      int tab_handle,
      const std::vector<std::string>& functions_enabled);

  void GetWindowTitle(int handle, string16* text);

  // Returns the number of blocked popups in the tab |handle|.
  void GetBlockedPopupCount(int handle, int* count);

  // Selects all contents on the page.
  void SelectAll(int tab_handle);

  // Edit operations on the page.
  void Cut(int tab_handle);
  void Copy(int tab_handle);
  void Paste(int tab_handle);

  void ReloadAsync(int tab_handle);
  void StopAsync(int tab_handle);
  void SaveAsAsync(int tab_handle);

  void WaitForBrowserWindowCountToBecome(int target_count,
                                         IPC::Message* reply_message);

  void WaitForAppModalDialogToBeShown(IPC::Message* reply_message);

  void GoBackBlockUntilNavigationsComplete(int handle,
                                           int number_of_navigations,
                                           IPC::Message* reply_message);

  void GoForwardBlockUntilNavigationsComplete(int handle,
                                              int number_of_navigations,
                                              IPC::Message* reply_message);

  // Convert a tab handle into a TabContents. If |tab| is non-NULL a pointer
  // to the tab is also returned. Returns NULL in case of failure or if the tab
  // is not of the TabContents type.
  TabContents* GetTabContentsForHandle(int handle, NavigationController** tab);

  ExternalTabContainer* GetExternalTabForHandle(int handle);

#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
  // Logs in through the Chrome OS Login Wizard with given |username| and
  // password.  Returns true via |reply_message| on success.
  void LoginWithUserAndPass(const std::string& username,
                            const std::string& password,
                            IPC::Message* reply_message);

  // Callback for history redirect queries.
  virtual void OnRedirectQueryComplete(
      HistoryService::Handle request_handle,
      GURL from_url,
      bool success,
      history::RedirectList* redirects);

  // Determine if the message from the external host represents a browser
  // event, and if so dispatch it.
  bool InterceptBrowserEventMessageFromExternalHost(const std::string& message,
                                                    const std::string& origin,
                                                    const std::string& target);

  // Returns the associated view for the tab handle passed in.
  // Returns NULL on failure.
  RenderViewHost* GetViewForTab(int tab_handle);

  // Returns the extension for the given handle. Returns NULL if there is
  // no extension for the handle.
  Extension* GetExtension(int extension_handle);

  // Returns the extension for the given handle, if the handle is valid and
  // the associated extension is enabled. Returns NULL otherwise.
  Extension* GetEnabledExtension(int extension_handle);

  // Returns the extension for the given handle, if the handle is valid and
  // the associated extension is disabled. Returns NULL otherwise.
  Extension* GetDisabledExtension(int extension_handle);

  // Block until the focused view ID changes to something other than
  // previous_view_id.
  void WaitForFocusedViewIDToChange(int handle,
                                    int previous_view_id,
                                    IPC::Message* reply_message);

  // Start tracking popup menus. Must be called before executing the
  // command that might open the popup menu; then call WaitForPopupMenuToOpen.
  void StartTrackingPopupMenus(int browser_handle, bool* success);

  // Wait until a popup menu has opened.
  void WaitForPopupMenuToOpen(IPC::Message* reply_message);

  // Method called by the popup menu tracker when a popup menu is opened.
  void NotifyPopupMenuOpened();

  typedef ObserverList<NotificationObserver> NotificationObserverList;
  typedef std::map<NavigationController*, LoginHandler*> LoginHandlerMap;
  typedef std::map<int, ExtensionPortContainer*> PortContainerMap;

  scoped_ptr<IPC::ChannelProxy> channel_;
  scoped_ptr<NotificationObserver> initial_load_observer_;
  scoped_ptr<NotificationObserver> new_tab_ui_load_observer_;
  scoped_ptr<NotificationObserver> find_in_page_observer_;
  scoped_ptr<NotificationObserver> dom_operation_observer_;
  scoped_ptr<NotificationObserver> dom_inspector_observer_;
  scoped_ptr<MetricEventDurationObserver> metric_event_duration_observer_;
  scoped_ptr<AutomationBrowserTracker> browser_tracker_;
  scoped_ptr<AutomationExtensionTracker> extension_tracker_;
  scoped_ptr<AutomationTabTracker> tab_tracker_;
  scoped_ptr<AutomationWindowTracker> window_tracker_;
  scoped_ptr<AutomationAutocompleteEditTracker> autocomplete_edit_tracker_;
  scoped_ptr<NavigationControllerRestoredObserver> restore_tracker_;
  LoginHandlerMap login_handler_map_;
  PortContainerMap port_containers_;
  NotificationObserverList notification_observer_list_;

  // Handle for an in-process redirect query. We expect only one redirect query
  // at a time (we should have only one caller, and it will block while waiting
  // for the results) so there is only one handle. When non-0, indicates a
  // query in progress.
  HistoryService::Handle redirect_query_;

  // Consumer for asynchronous history queries.
  CancelableRequestConsumer consumer_;

  Profile* profile_;

  IPC::Message* reply_message_;

  // Keep track of whether a popup menu has been opened since the last time
  // that StartTrackingPopupMenus has been called.
  bool popup_menu_opened_;

  // A temporary object that receives a notification when a popup menu opens.
  PopupMenuWaiter* popup_menu_waiter_;


// When life started, the AutomationProvider class was a singleton and was meant
// only for UI tests. It had specific behavior (like for example, when the
// channel was shut down. it closed all open Browsers). The new
// AutomationProvider serves other purposes than just UI testing. This class is
// meant to provide the OLD functionality for backward compatibility
class TestingAutomationProvider : public AutomationProvider,
                                  public BrowserList::Observer,
                                  public NotificationObserver {
  explicit TestingAutomationProvider(Profile* profile);

  // BrowserList::Observer implementation
  // Called immediately after a browser is added to the list
  virtual void OnBrowserAdded(const Browser* browser) {
  // Called immediately before a browser is removed from the list
  virtual void OnBrowserRemoving(const Browser* browser);

  // IPC implementations
  virtual void OnChannelError();

  virtual ~TestingAutomationProvider();

  virtual void Observe(NotificationType type,
                       const NotificationSource& source,
                       const NotificationDetails& details);

  void OnRemoveProvider();  // Called via PostTask

  NotificationRegistrar registrar_;


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